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Cropland for lease

I have approximately 30 acres of good creek bottom land to lease, near Yosemite, KY. Does the Casey County Extension Office maintain a roster/list of farmers wanting to lease cropland? I can be reached by cellphone at 256-665-3849 or email described below.


Casey County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Weed Control in hay fields

Hi, What is the best way to treat for weeds in hay fields. I currently have 3 fields, 6-7 acres each that I would like to treat for weed growth. Can I use 2,4-D now, wait until spring or utilize some other method? Just looking for the best, most cost effective advice. Thank You Pics attached so you get an idea of what the fields currently look like. Anyone out there :-)


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Casey County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Broom Sedge

I have a field dominated by broom sedge. Can I use the mature clippings of this grass as a mulch for my vegetable garden? I have read that decaying broom sedge releases a phytotoxin which I obviously do not want in my garden, but it would be very useful if I could cut and harvest this grass once or twice a year to use as bedding for my ducks and chickens and as mulch or a compost component for my garden.


Casey County Kentucky almost 6 years ago

Sick sheep

My sheep are getting really skinny, they just stand around or lay down, stool is really soft color is dark green, the sick ones separate themself from the herd. Eventually end up dying how can I treat them ? I have already lost 5 sheep


Casey County Kentucky 3 months ago

Earthen pond safety

I am considering buying the 60 acre farm at 1943 Indian creek road. It has a large pond. Any concerns?


Casey County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Did this Luna Moth die while giving birth?

I found this beautiful moth in my yard this morning and it appears to be dead. It was heavily covered with morning dew and I tried to carefully dry it to see if it would "come to" but it never did. I am so entranced (and strangely sad) by it that I am thinking about suspending it in resin. As you can see in photos, it looks like it was either giving birth or doing "something else" when it died. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If it was indeed laying eggs when it died, is there any chance of this pupa surviving? I will go put it back where I found it if the pupa might survive.

Bonus! Is there anyway that this moth is just asleep and will wake up at night or something? I don't want to put it in resin if there is any possibility of life in any capacity.

Thank you for your time--I really do not know a lot about insects and I appreciate your help!


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Casey County Kentucky over 5 years ago

hen prolapse

I have a young hen 7-8 months old. I did not discover her prolapse until I had found 2 blood-streaked eggs. I washed her and applied Preparation-H. I have been keeping her in a completely dark room for 21 hours per day. In spite of this she is still laying an egg every 2 days. When I let her out to run around she seems to be in good spirits but the prolapse is still visible. I wash he with warm water every time before I put her back into the dark room. What can I do to get her to stop laying eggs to allow the prolapse to heal.


Casey County Kentucky almost 2 years ago


Do you offer any sewing classes. If so, what days, times, location, fees and age groups. Thank you, Richard Cartwright


Casey County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

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