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New Sodded Lawn

Hello, I live in Carrollton, Ky and recently killed out my old grass and removed it Very small area I live in a condo. Layed 35 rolls of sod down. i obtained sod from Jackson Sod in PeeWee Vally - Crestwood, KY it's a mixture of Fescue and Blue grass called New for 2017!!! Blue Magic Sod
I sent in a soil sample thru my local extension office in Carroll county which i will attach. I treated the soil with potash prior to laying sod and again after 8 weeks. i laid the Sod back in mid April 2017 and watered daily for several weeks in about 14 days i could not pull sod up and i knew it had taken root and mowed it for first time. I have watered on dry days as needed, i am attaching original soil sample from UofK and pictures of what i am seeing now from the previous lawn. Taller bright green blades of what look like grass that is growing sporadicly thru out new sod which i had had in old lawn too?
Should i do another soil sample or what is this?
Thanks Ed Hill


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Carroll County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

propagating old pear tree

I would like to grow a pear tree from a cutting from an old tree I have access to. what time of year do I take the cutting? do you have a good guidance document on the process



Carroll County Kentucky 5 months ago

Dutch Elm Disease (DED)

Good evening, my name is Clara and my group are doing a science project. We were wondering if you could answer a question about our disease. My group is doing a project on how to manage Dutch Elm Disease (DED) while keeping and protecting biodiversity.If you have any ideas,comments or suggestions please contact me.


Carroll County Kentucky over 4 years ago

Evergreen trees

What is happening to my tree



Carroll County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

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