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Do you know of any Grant's that I can apply for. I am into beekeeping and have four hives. Would like to expand alot more.


Calloway County KY almost 2 years ago

Split Maple tree

We have a 30 yr old Maple tree that split about 5-6 feet above the ground during a recent storm. We really want to preserve the tree as long as possible. The split is 4-5 inches deep, at least 12 inches long. We had our tree trimmer cut out dead limbs and tied the upper sections together with bolts, cable with a come-along. It reduced the gap. I've not been able to get a response from our local County Extension. Is there anything I should pour in the crack to prevent bugs and/or diseases? Any advice is appreciated.


Calloway County KY 10 months ago

Worming donkeys

Do you offer fecal count testing for donkey if samples are brought in?


Calloway County KY over 3 years ago

What's destroying my plants

I have an in-ground vegetable garden and one in pots. My tomato plants have some kind of black and brown spots om withered leaves. My cucumber and squash plants have what looks like powdery mildew and I think are being eaten by something. I have lost two squash plants in days. The stems just rotted. I'm pretty sure squash beetles are on some of my plants. The cucumbers and squash are becoming soft. I need to know what I'm up against and how to combat it without using chemical pesticides. They have honeybees bear one garden that I definitely don't want to jeopardize and I am trying to grow food as close to organic as possible. I would greatly appreciate any help yout can provide.


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Calloway County KY about 3 years ago

formula for estimating horse body weight

I have found 2 formulas for estimating horse body weight. Which one should I teach 4-Her?

heart girth x heart girth x length divided by 330= est. weight

Heart girth x heart girth x length divided by 330 + 50= est. weigh

examples of 3 horses estimated and then weighted match the +50 better. In fact that was usually still an 50 lb under calculation.


Calloway County KY over 5 years ago

Nostoc commune

I have a problem with what I've determined to be nostoc commune on my gravel driveway. I would like to know how to get rid of it. Thank you


Calloway County KY about 2 years ago

Magnolia tree

Our magnolia tree is losing leaves and turning brown all over. Last fall about 2-3 semi large branches were affected by a storm. There are black spots on the leaves. We can we do to help it?? See picture attached.


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Calloway County KY about 2 years ago

Invasive plant

Do you have specific recommendations for removing a large infestation of Japanese Angelica Tree? I have been using a 3% solution of Triclopyr with fair results, but am unsure whether the roots will generate more growth. I have been cutting larger specimens that are simply too tall to spray since they are mixed in with surrounding foliage. I plan on addressing new growth from those stumps as it appears.


Calloway County KY about 1 month ago

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