Caldwell County, Kentucky

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Large green worm with big eyes

I saw a large green worm in my yard. He had eyes that were large . He was about 2 in. long and about 1/2 in. In diameter. I have only seen the one. I so wish I had kept him.


Caldwell County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Worm found in israel

when i was in israel, I was walking in a park late at night, and I found a worm/larva crawling on the asphalt. it was about 4 inches long, with a long, thin tail. Its body consisted of gray plates, similar to that of a firefly larva. it had a pointy mouth. What is it?


Caldwell County Kentucky about 1 month ago

Tree leaf damage

What is happening to my oak tree,


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Caldwell County Kentucky over 5 years ago

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