Bullitt County, Kentucky

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Mole Problem

What is the best way to rid moles in my yard. I have tried everything from traps, poisonous worms and pellets. I have caught two in the trap but they just tunnel around it now. My backyard looks like a minefield now.


Bullitt County Kentucky about 2 years ago

Can someone tell me what spider this is?

This spider was just found in my home, and was originally the size of a small apple before death. I want to make sure it isn’t poisonous or something I need to treat.


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Bullitt County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Fair price to lease 24 acres in Bullitt County to soybean growers

I realize that you cannot recommend what price to ask for leasing land for raising soybeans, but hope that you can provide a price range. We have 24 acres owned by 6 different heirs, and the land is currently listed with an agent for sale. In the meantime, we need to lease the land in order to pay taxes and insurance. We have been leasing it for years to a soybean farmer, but for what I consider much less than what it is worth. There must be a range of prices per acre that is fair and that is what we need help with. We would at least like to have names of growers that might be interested,and make an offer to rent the 24 tillable acres. It is located at Crumbacker Lane and Bates Lane, just off Zoneton Road, Bullit County. Thanks!


Bullitt County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Do you know what this is? It has alot if briars on the stem, it was about 12...

Do you know what this is? It has alot if briars on the stem, it was about 12 Feet tall.


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Bullitt County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Is my tree dead?

I can't for the life of me remember the type of tree that it is. It had princess in the name, my husband picked it out. It bloomed brass/red/orange leaves last year. it was planted mid summer. we bought it from Frank Otte Nursery, added the soil and starter they suggested. It had a a major problem with bugs eating the leaves last year. But this year she has yet to bloom. Our dogwood located in the front yard of our property approximately 20ft away has already bloomed leaves as well as flowers. I have done the branch test, its white in the inside no green that i could see, was kind of flexible to break off so i don't think its dead, but then again I'm not sure. Maybe the bugs killed it last year? Maybe a late bloomer? I'm just looking for some guidance. Thank you.


Bullitt County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Soil test

I am new to this area and wondered if soil testing is available for Bullitt County residents. If not please advise me where I can have this test done. Thank you


Bullitt County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Rose bush potential RRV and other ailments

Please verify my rose bush doesn't have RRV, and let me know if the bush is able to be saved and how from its current state. I have more pictures to give you but it appears I'm only allowed to send 3?


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Bullitt County Kentucky about 1 year ago

water quality

does your office conduct water quality tests? I have a well that hasn't been used in years, and I am wanting to make sure the water is safe to drink.


Bullitt County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

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