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Cover crop recommendations?

For vegetable gardening in our are, do you recommend specific cover crops?


Boyd County KY over 3 years ago


Which r the best native berry bushes and trees to plant 4 bluebirds- thank u


Boyd County KY almost 3 years ago

Unique Plant (to me)

Can you identify this plant for me. I look forward to your response. Thanks, Connie


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Boyd County KY almost 4 years ago

Grape Vine Problem

I have four grape vines in my back yard. The oldest one has suddenly wilted and seems to be dying. I used to actually eat the grapes or use them for jelly, but recent years have just used the vines as decorative. On Saturday afternoon I noticed the vine looking wilted, and it has gotten worse sense then. With some leaves brown and dry. I have not used any herbicides in this part of the garden and the only insecticides I have used is the occasional spray of Off (mostly on me!) as I weed. It's an old friend and any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


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Boyd County KY about 4 years ago

Bloom Dates

Looking for anticipated bloom dates of plants in boyd county.


Boyd County KY over 4 years ago


1. What's eating my Hostas? There are little tiny holes all over the leaves, the peonies, Azalias, and Shrubs which are around my hostas are fine. 2. I have 5 hostas and for several years they have come out every spring, very large and do great! This year only two have done this, the other three are about 2" tall and even though I've babied them they are starting to die.


Boyd County KY about 4 years ago

Tree give away in Central Park Ashland

I would love to have some of the saplings that were left over from Saturdays giveaway. I had to work and could no attend. What to I need to do in order to get some? Thank you


Boyd County KY about 3 years ago

Food Co-op (Vegan Friendly)

I am new to food co-op's and am now seeking information about food co-op's in the Ashland, Ky area. (closer the better!) Are there food co-op's in this area? If so are there vegan co-op's?


Boyd County KY about 5 years ago

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