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Soil Sample Procedures

I would like to have some soil samples tested. What are your requirements, what is recommended of me, and how much does it cost?


Bourbon County Kentucky about 3 years ago

Soil sample

Two years ago I turned over an area for a grass riding ring, I wanted to smooth the surface and have a nice consistent grass surface. We harrowed and let it lay for a couple months then drug and smoothed and seeded it. The first year it came up nicely (2 years ago) after the winter when we had a lot of rain the pasture was dead and we reseeded. Last year got grass and a lot of clover although we did not have clover specific in the seed mix, Wagoner. This spring again the field did not come up as expected, very patchy and again some clover and very little grass. It is notable that the edges of the pasture that were not disturbed are green and lush but the area of reconstruction are patchy at best. Last fall I also put on lime and Urea as per soil samples sent into the ag office. The pasture is not overgrazed or overused as I am very careful in an effort to maintain a nice surface Any advice on this problem would be greatly appreciated Thanks Helen


Bourbon County Kentucky 6 months ago

Red flower thorn bush

Good morning; I was wondering the name of the bush I have. I've had it for 25 years and it was recently hit by a car. It was a big, beautiful bush and would like to replace it. I need the name of the bush. Thank you in advance. My name is Kris Lawson and I live in Bourbon County. I've included two photos. Hope this helps.


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Bourbon County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Damson Trees

Can I grow Damson trees in Paris, KY?


Bourbon County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Service berry tree

Why does the berries on my service berry tree dry up shortly after they form?


Bourbon County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Pink dogwood tree

Why is my pink dogwood tree leaves browning and drying up


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Bourbon County Kentucky over 1 year ago

Water pollution

1. do you consider water pollution a problem? Why or Why not? 2. What are you doing to help solve or prevent water pollution? 3. Do you have any suggestions about what I personally could do to help with water pollution?


Bourbon County Kentucky almost 5 years ago

poisonous plant id?

hi, i live in bourbon county. i have a plant growing near my house that i thought was poison ivy. i usually avoid the plant because i know i am terribly allergic to poison ivy. last summer, when i was clearing out brush, i accidentally chopped the plant in question down before i realized i had cut it. a couple days later, i had a huge bunch of red streaks all over my skin that were itchy and inflamed. about three days later, the red streaks had turned into red bumps and i was so miserable, i ended up in the doctor’s office, begging for help. the plant i thought was the culprit has some leaves of three, and some leaves of five. it grows on a tall, bright green stalk and the stems between the leaves are red. i have stayed out of the plant’s way this spring. i took photos of the plant to try and identify if it is some variety of poison ivy, but now that i did some googling, i am not so sure if the plant is poison ivy or not. i will attach photos in the hopes that you can help in identifying the plant. i would appreciate any assistance or advice. thanks, rhonda


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Bourbon County Kentucky 4 months ago

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