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ground cover for partial shade, year round and able to be walked on. I live in NE AL

I am looking for a ground cover for partial shade, year round and will not die if walked on. It is a seldom used pathway which I do not want to mow. I live in NE AL


Cherokee County AL sustainable gardening and landscaping almost 3 years ago

How should I overwinter a potted artichoke in the southern U.S.?

I started an artichoke in a 6" pot . When should it be put into a larger pot? Do I leave it outside, or does it need to be put into a warmer area?


Cherokee County AL fruits and vegetables artichokes in containers horticulture about 6 years ago

How much Land needed to support a horse?

Hello, I have 8.5 acres zoned agricultural. I am thinking of buying a horse. How much land is typically needed for a horse to forage on? Do different breeds of horse's have different forage requirements? Thanks, Randy


Cherokee County GA almost 6 years ago

real horses

Do you get a real horse????? %(


Cherokee County AL over 4 years ago

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