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Rock with Crystal?

Just trying to find out what kind of mineral crystal is in this rock? Or what is this for a rock in total? Thanks!


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Autauga County Alabama over 2 years ago

Disease? Bug? Is this fatal?

We recently moved to Alabama and purchased a foreclosure. Being originally from Michigan, I am not familiar with plant names here. The picture here is a closeup of the issue with two shrubs. The shrubs are at least 12 years old, have bright green glossy leaves as well as bright yellow glossy leaves. It has small white flowers in late spring and is non-deciduous. My question is this: As you see in the picture, the backs of leaves get tiny brown raised spots and tiny white raised spots. The spots also show on stems and turn branches lumpy and almost black. This is a very dense shrub. As new growth shoots up, I see what appears to be aphid nests. I have also noticed a bug that looks like a black lady bug. It is the same size and shape. It has wings and an orangish body. We have two shrubs completely engulfed in this and one that is healthy. They grow in landscaping around our pool in clay soil. Any ideas?


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Autauga County Alabama almost 6 years ago

Is it poisoness?

What is this and is it poisoness?



Autauga County Alabama almost 5 years ago

Freeze protection

if a freeze is coming but the temps are only going to be 31 degrees for no more than two hours then warming back up should i turn on my sprinkler to ice over my grapevine sprouted buds to protect them.



Autauga County Alabama about 2 years ago

what is this purple mushroom growing in my yard?

what is this purple mushroom growing in my yard?



Autauga County Alabama almost 4 years ago

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