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New MCP recipe

Has KRAFT changed anything in their MCP this year that is making it not require the corn syrup? The boxes say "NEW LOOK! Same great formula" Not so.

Ada County Idaho Posted almost 4 years ago


are rats and rock chuck droppings the some?

Bannock County Idaho Posted almost 4 years ago

vine /weed

This is growing in my yard. I would like to identify it so that i will know the best way to get rid of it. Each plant has several long tendrils and each bury themselves in the grass, popping up in several places to flower. The vines are thick and almost woody.

Bonneville County Idaho Posted almost 4 years ago

Corkscrew Willow Tree

My Cork Screw Willow tree leaves are curling up. Can't find any critters/bugs in the rolled up ball at end of leaf. First year it has happened. We cut it down considerably yearly. Can email/send pictures.


Kootenai County Idaho Posted about 4 years ago

Replanting Yucca plants

I live in Boise and I have some Yucca plants in a small concrete bordered space in front of my house---bordered by house on one side and curved walkway on the other. There is also a tree there that will need to be ripped out (too close to house). So I thought I would replant the Yuccas in my rather large backyard. I looked up how to dig them up but the instructions were for if you want to dispose of them. Can you help me. And, in my large backyard, will they spread fast ( I don't want too many) and are there techniques for stopping that besides cutting them back/out as they spread. If I dig them up and replant, can I still cut the leaves way down like I would if were going to dispose of them. If I don't move them before tree goes , they will be lost when that happens . ----OH! One more thing, how much water do these plants need to get and how soon to get their blooms...if you can say. Sometimes I miss out on the blooms, I think because I didn't water enough---but ten years plus and they thrive.

Ada County Idaho Posted about 4 years ago


We have a resident in Gooding that wants information about the Lava Rock houses built in Idaho. Our Planning and Zoning Dept. referred him to an engineer. Do we have someone at the University that can contact him and provide him with the education that he needs?

Idaho Posted about 4 years ago

Gibberellic Acid Dose

Because I planted an older variety of Apricot a few years ago, I have had poor luck with blossoms freezing in the spring. I recently read an article that states this can be avoided by using Gibberellic acid as a spray to set the blossoms after a frost. The research I have read from several sources shows doses that vary from 10 ppm to 800ppm. Do you have any recomendations?

Twin Falls County Idaho Posted about 4 years ago

Apple Problem

Last summer (and fall) I lost the entire crop of apples on my apple tree, and cannot find help for an answer. I sprayed as normal in the spring, and placed two balls with "Tanglefoot" on them. In June small flies showed up, and I thought that the bait would take care of them. They are NOT Apple Flies with the banded wings, more like cattle "face flies". We have diaries near us. Fruit is entered and frass is seen in the core.. Have not been able to contact my Extension Agent due to a flaky computer program.

Twin Falls County Idaho Posted over 4 years ago

Master Preservers Course

Hi, I am wondering, in which counties do you hold the master preserver's course and when? Thank you

Idaho Posted over 4 years ago

Eradicating unwanted blackberry bushes

I have several excellent wild blackberry bushes on my property. However, I also have many, many more unwanted smaller bushes and constantly see new plants. Many of them pop up around my good plants. If I spray these unwanted plants with a herbicide, will it also kill the main, good plant I want to keep? Obviously, I'd be careful to not allow over-spray onto the desirable bushes. I'm just worried that killing the plants, which I suspect may be runners off the main plant, will also kill what I wish to keep.

Nez Perce County Idaho Posted almost 5 years ago