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REGARDING: lawncare

How can I get rid of sticker patches or (grass burrs/sand burrs) in my front yard, I have beautiful St. Augustine grass, and then ugly patches of stickers, what can I do to get rid of them? Help!

Wichita County Texas weed issues weed control Posted over 1 year ago

Pond scum

I am cleaning out my backyard pond and the bottom is covered in about 2 in of this blackish green scum. There are round white objects that might be eggs, but I don't know of what. Should I continue to clean these out? There a lot of snail shells but no live snails and lots of salamanders living in the scum. Photos attached

Clackamas County Oregon pond management pond and water gardens Posted about 3 years ago

pasture weed

Please tell me what this undesirable is in the pasture???

Dorchester County South Carolina pasture management weed control Posted about 4 years ago

Pasture land

I have been trying to get a pasture to grow for my horses to graze but i'm not having much luck. I thought maybe you could help

Kaufman County Texas pastures and forages Posted over 4 years ago

Planting a grazing pasture

I have a bout 100 acres in Buffalo, Texas .I have about a 6 acre pasture that I am wanting to plant for grazing cattle and need advice on what to plant, when to plant, how to plant, and when to fertilize. I was thinking about planting coastal.

Leon County Texas pastures and forages rangelands Posted over 5 years ago