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sodium tripolyphosphate

Is sodium tripolyphosphate included in the sodium content of fish labeling?

NJ nutrition product labeling Posted almost 3 years ago


I made pioneer women's fresh salsa and bottled 12 pints I used about 4 cups cilantro and only did a water bath. Should I have used a pressure cooker?

Fremont County ID food safety Posted almost 4 years ago

how much sugar is in pasturized orange juice

what is composition of pastureized orange juice, i.e.. sugar etc?

what are potential harmful effects from drinking pasteruzed orange juice ?

Sarasota County FL food safety human nutrition Posted over 4 years ago

High altitude baking

What are the changes needed for baking at around 5500 ft above sea level from the listed amounts as I guess they are given for sea level baking.
Main problem is getting the dough to rise and not be yeastie and heavy.

Bernalillo County NM food preparation high altitude food preparation baking Posted over 4 years ago

Hello, we purchase pizza sauce from Sams for our business. They recently...

Hello, we purchase pizza sauce from Sams for our business. They recently switched from # 10 cans to sealed plastic packages, which are to be refrigerated after opened. Agreed. However, when we purchase them they come 10 bags to a carton, and the carton is room temperature. But wehn we open the carton, it is obvious the carton has been stored in refrigeration. So my question: Is it safe to store the carton, unrefrigerated, until we need the bags of sauce? My gut tell me no, but Sams tells me it's OK. Thank you.

Seminole County FL Posted about 5 years ago

white wine

is white wine as healthy as red wine?

Pasco County Florida nutrition Posted over 5 years ago

basil seed drink recipe

We are going to make basil seed drink ,Normally the seeds settle down after one hour. We would be most appreciated if you could give us any solution to solve this problem.

Outside United States food preparation Posted over 5 years ago

Are green peppers with mosaic virus on them, (more evident after frying)safe...

Are green peppers with mosaic virus on them, (more evident after frying)safe to eat?

Tennessee food safety Posted about 6 years ago

A Question In Regard To Sun Tea!

Does the sun kill tea antioxidants?

Franklin County Missouri human nutrition human health Posted about 7 years ago

A hardship and the fair

I am a 4-H leader in Idaho. We have fair in a couple weeks. Last week one of my girls lost her dog in an accident. Is there any way she can borrow a dog, at least for showmanship? I cannot see this as an "advantage" as all the other kids in the county have been training since January—November in some cases. I know that for horses, allowances for this kind of hardship have been made in the past.

Canyon County Idaho 4-h Posted about 7 years ago