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Unknown tomato thef

Trying to find out if you can help us with a new animal that seems to be eating our raised garden from the top down. All we have found are some leavings and some barren stems of what was a tomato plant.

Weld County Colorado Posted about 1 year ago

Homemade chicken/duck feed recipe

I am a Denver urban gardener and now duck-keeper, searching (everywhere!) for a recipe for a balanced, nutritionally-complete recipe for chicken feed (chicken feed works for ducks if you supplement with niacin). There are some recipes on blogs using whole-wheat, oats, barley, sunflower seeds, and peas as well as kelp meal for trace elements, but these are non-academic sources and I would prefer it if I could find a recipe formulated by poultry scientists. I have sheets listing the nutrtional requirements of ducks at different ages in terms of protein, fat, carbs, and a long list of macro and micronutrients, but this does not help me put together ingredients that supply them. I have been feeding an organic, complete feed made by “Scratch and Peck” which is excellent, but I’m afraid it’s going to make for very expensive eggs. I’d prefer to source ingredients locally and mix my own to make my

Denver County Colorado Posted over 2 years ago

I have some sort of fly/bee destroying my (just formed) grapes

I have a well-established concord grapevine, has produced nice grapes the past 4-5 years. This year I have a LOT of these small fly/bees dislodging the grapes from the stems. I've never seen this before, any advice? (picture of fly/bee on stem attached)

Denver County Colorado Posted over 2 years ago

Plant name

Can you identify this plant?

Mesa County Colorado Posted over 4 years ago

Maple tree needs attention

My maple tree is sick or has had a freeze crack. I'm not sure. I need someone to diagnose the problem and tell me what needs to be done. We want to save the tree if at all possible. I believe we have an Autumn Blaze Maple. Half of the tree doesn't crown. We have cut out quite a few dead branches. If the tree is too sick to treat can we donate it to the City of Greeley?

Weld County Colorado Posted over 4 years ago

Choke cherry tree

My tree used to have a great shape, flower, smell good. It is looking bad with dead limbs, very few flowers, no shape .

Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs tree health horticulture Posted over 4 years ago

Care of lawn and wild plum tree

  • When do I top dress my lawn in north Boulder? I need to do it as soon as possible so I can get the help I need to put down the top dressing.
  • My lawn has a lot of pine needles on it. Should I rake up the needles before putting on the top dressing? Will the needles act as mulch or can I rake them up now?
  • I have a small wild plum tree that had one dead side which I removed. Now I have a weird looking one sided plum tree. If I remove the other side to match, the poor tree will only have a stick truck with no branches. What do I do?

Boulder County Colorado Posted almost 5 years ago

Amphibious Fossil

Looks like a rare amphibious skull. Found in some Colorado river rock. It looked odd shaped and the texture was different. I'm just getting my feet wet in collecting.

Colorado Posted almost 5 years ago

Candy Thermometer

Even when I calibrated a really nice digital kitchen thermometer to account for the temperature difference at which which water boils at altitude, the temperature did not rise uniformly. As I stirred the boiling water with the probe to get a uniform temperature the reading would rise and fall. I have a couple of batches of rather tough jam because the reading needed to be 228° (all temperatures are just examples). I could not leave the probe in the syrup because of a poorly designed support mechanism to hold it on the pan. I would put the probe in and it might read 223°, so I would let it cook a bit longer. Then it might read 220°, the next reading might be 226°, ,and a few minutes later 224°. Because I did not grow up at altitude, I rely on a thermometer in addition to testing the old fashion drip from a spoon method. Can you recommend an accurate candy thermometer?

Fremont County Colorado Posted about 5 years ago


Hi - can you identify this plant? I thought it might be a red osier dogwood - but it did not have flowers in the spring or berries. I don't remember planting it - it grows rapidly and is about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. No thorns. Leaves are turning colors - a little yellow and then red. Leaves are about 5 inches

Douglas County Colorado Posted about 5 years ago