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Dried up seed pods

Hello, I planted hollyhock plants last year. They grow about a foot and half and no flowers. This year from mid march to mid may they grew 5 and a half feet tall, they were full very green and a ton of the stocks that then started to bloom. Then June and the 1st wk of July they grew up to 11-12 feet tall. Thinning out flowered some but then the bud would drop they were not dry they were moist. For the last week it has been really hot (truth I actually live in Salt lake City, Ut but picked CO because there was no one to ask here). The flowers are almost gone and most of all the seed pods are dry and gone to seed and naturally some of the leaves have dried and it is thinning out. Can I do anything to help them bloom more or should i just cut them down? Also will they bloom next year?

Salt Lake County UT Posted 9 days ago

Similar scenario

We also have clay soil but did plant with mulch. Trees also in middle of lawn. We watered 3 x weekly & temps have been nearly 100. Planted July 1 & soaked once daily as instructed by the nursery for two weeks then lawn watering only. Trees did great, then..... not so much. Leaves dried up & fell off. Wondered if heat/transplant shock???. Called nursery & was told to give more time. Worried trees are a loss.

Weber County UT Posted 24 days ago

Help! “Warts” taking over our trees.

These started growing on a tiny sapling we transplanted two or three summers ago. They then moved to the two older (but still relatively small) trees by it and are now in our huge full grown ones (over 3 stories high, shade the house). Had our tree guy look into it, no real answers. Had an arborist come out and it took about a month for him to get some answers... which was that the trees needed more water (mulch around the trees) to fend them off and by removing grass, mulching And getting them more water these would fall off. We have done that and they have not stopped. The 3 smaller trees are completely choked off with these things but trying to fight thru. Branches are dying. The bark on those branches also seems to loosen where it meets the tree. It will be devastating to lose any of these trees, but the two near the house (our big ones) would be incredibly sad. They are not overtaken yet, but have quite a bit, especially at lower branches. As a last ditch effort, the past few weeks I’ve been taking the branches off the two big trees that have a lot but for all I know that’s the wrong approach. What can we do to save these trees? Thanks so much for your insight and help. This has been going on now for 3 years...

Summit County UT Posted 3 months ago

Spaying fruit trees

Is it to late to spray a cherry tree after blossoms and the fruit is very small and green? Always get worms in the cherry when I do nothing.

Utah County UT Posted 3 months ago

Type of tree and how to save it

I don’t know what kind of willow this is or how to treat the worm infestation? Do you know how to find out and kill the worms before they infest my other trees?

Salt Lake County UT Posted 3 months ago

Juniper tree age

We have (3) large juniper trees ranging 78” - 90” in circumference. Can you project age from ‘tis insight

Davis County Utah Posted 3 months ago

Echinacea rotting leaves

I've been growing these echinacea seeds since January. The leaves are rotting and shriveling. I have good grow lights and my other plants are not doing this. I only water when the dirt feels dry. I fertilizer weekly with fish emulsion. Two weeks ago I uppotted to 4 inch pots. Any tips? See attached pics

Utah County Utah Posted 4 months ago

How to prune the top of scrub oak properly and what time of year?

My home is surrounded by scrub oak trees. I'd like to prune the tops so that I have views from our upper bedrooms. What is the best way to do it and best time of year?

Thank you! Jeff Roberts

Davis County Utah Posted 4 months ago

Can I reduce the chance of transplanting bindweed when I divide raspberry canes?

I find myself needing to move a raspberry patch and a blackberry patch, and I am concerned about moving bindweed along with the desirable plants. Any tips on avoiding this beyond careful inspection of root systems? Thanks!

Utah County Utah Posted 6 months ago

Grapes after first frost the leaves are now brown will they be good to juice

Are grapes ok to juice after a frost the leaves are all brown.

Salt Lake County Utah Posted 10 months ago