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Small beetle that shocks?

Ive seen two of these in my life in oklahoma. They are small, slender beetles with two curved projections on their rears. They are all black and they deliver an electric shock when touched. I even used a paper towel to pick the second one up last month and it shocked my hand through the paper towel, it couldnt have possible bit me and there was no mark but i felt like i touched an electric fence for a split second.

Oklahoma County OK insect issues insect identification Posted about 2 years ago

Is it a bed bug?

I found this bug crawling across my bed and looked up pictures of bed bugs and it seems to me that it doesn't have the same looking head or same placement of its legs, please help!

Tulsa County OK Posted almost 4 years ago

I'm not sure which plant this is.

I found this while walking on a dirt road in Southwest Oklahoma. Do you have any idea what it may be?

Comanche County OK plant identification Posted about 4 years ago

What are the quickest growing shade trees?

We are building an arena and we want to line the west side with a few quick growing shade trees. We live in Creek County, and it's primarily sandy, red dirt, and sandstone. We would prefer that it didn't drop anything besides leaves and limbs.

Creek County OK tree selection lrk Posted almost 5 years ago

hydrangea growing

Because of the strange weather and late freezes, etc., I had no flowers again this year. I do understand all of that, but my question is whether to prune back some the way overgrown plants now so that I will be able to have room next year for new growth. They are huge and healthy from all the rain and the water I give them in hot weather. All the growth this year is new. Will it form buds next year on the parts of the branches that remain after pruning, if I do it now?

Oklahoma County OK trees and shrubs horticulture Posted almost 5 years ago

ringworm infestation

all my pets and family members have somehow contacted ringworm and we are infested with it;we have had tests done at vet so we know it is ringworm,we have used lamisal tinactin.we have bathed animals in maluseb shampoo, beached their bedding and ours daily.vacuumed everything and are still infected with the ringworm;how do we go about ridding our animals ,house and ourselves of is in epidemic proprtions!please help us!

Tulsa County Oklahoma human health veterinary ringworm Posted over 7 years ago