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Analyzing manure to assist in deciding when and what to feed.

A couple of weeks ago, our cattle's manure was generally very watery. So much so, that the dried manure just blew away. Concerned that they may have parasites and it was time, we gave them an injectable parasite killer. Now we have manure that is taller in height than the norm by about 3 inches.

Question is: What does this type of manure represent in terms of nutrition?

Waller County Texas beef cattle Posted over 3 years ago

Water Soluble Fertilizer for Vegetables

I currently have a drip system on my garden. My emitters are .5gph emitters. I have a Mazzei 283 injector. I understand I can use Masterblend 4-18-38 + Epsom Salt + Calcium Nitrate for a stock solution that can be fed to my vegetables. I have corn, peppers, tomatoes, squash...that sort of thing. My question is, how much of this fertilizer should be used (as a final mix to the plants) for my vegetables and how often should it be fed?

Waller County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Improving Garden Soil

I have about a 35x50 garden and the majority of the dirt in it is a red sandy clay. Its not awful when it is wet, but after time, its very sticky and Im not sure my vegetables are doing as well as they could. I have mulched it heavily, but NOT mixed it in. I dont want to create a nitrogen deficiency. I used to till it regularly, but have adopted a no till type of program to see if soil structure improves. Soil tests come back with proper levels of nutrients, but a pH of 7.8. Should I amend the soil or just let the mulch break down on top after many years? If I should amend it, what should I amend it with in order to make it more suitable for vegetables?

Waller County Texas soil and fertility issues Posted over 4 years ago

6th Annual Emergency Management Summit

Please Release attached for dissemination.

Waller County Texas emergency response safety emergency preparedness Posted almost 5 years ago

Eradicating ironweed in horse pastures

I just moved to Hempstead TX & have large patches of ironweed in some of my pastures & in my back yard. I've tried Round Up (brush killer) on both the new growth & established plants with little success. What can I use to control/eradicate it before it takes over everything? I have very sandy soil & a pond & would prefer not contaminating the ground water. Thank You

Waller County Texas pastures and grazing pastures and forages Posted about 5 years ago

Funeral plant question

We received this plant after my Mother-in-law's funeral yesterday. Since I ended up being the one to take it home and nurture it, I need to know what it is.

Based on my online research, it looks like it could be Dieffenbachia, but wanted an expert opinion as I know that Dieffenbachia can be harmful to pets. Until I hear otherwise, I'm keeping it above my Cocker Spaniel's jumping height, and where my younger granddaughters cannot reach it either.

Thank you in advance for your opinion.

Waller County Texas dieffenbachia horticulture Posted over 5 years ago

Oak Tree Leaf Eating Caterpillars

What type of caterpillar has eight full length yellow stripes on a black body with a black head and grey to white fuzzy hair? The yellow stripes are four to the side with the black line down the back being twice the width of all the other stripes. They are completely defoliating Oak trees. They look similar to a Yellow Neck Caterpillar without the yellow band on the neck and with the wider stripe down the back. How do I control them or kill them if necessary? Thanks

Waller County Texas entomology insect identification Posted over 5 years ago

first time watermelon grower

1. At what stage in the watermelon growing process should I thin out my sprouts? Also, what is the ideal way to do that? 2. What is the best way to keep grass from growing in between sprouts? 3. Is there any general advice I need to know for maximum output? Kind Regards, Chris Davis

Waller County Texas fruits and vegetables horticulture Posted about 6 years ago

oak wilt

My location is waller cty near 6 and 1488. I have 3 live oaks that may have oak wilt. Bluebonnet Elec co op trimmed/slashed 2 of my oaks near the lines 2 months ago. The trees have moss, gray scale and few if any leaves.I thought this was a central Texas issue. A master gardener believes it may be oak wilt.

Waller County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture Posted about 6 years ago

Knock out roses disease?

My knock out roses start out beautiful but after first blooms the leaves turn yellow and start falling off. They are bare, but continue to put on some new leaves at the end of the branch and some blooms.

Waller County Texas roses Posted about 7 years ago