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Orange Tree - Leaf Miners

After the freezing temperatures we have had in the last weeks, a good many of my orange trees have lost leaves and will be sprouting new leaves within the next month or so. In the past young leaves are prone to getting "leaf miners" which attack the young leaves shriveling them up and eventually killing them thus preventing them from growing into mature leaves. My question is "what product can I purchase over-the-counter that can prevent this from occurring?"
Also "when do I begin applying it and how often?".....Lee...The Woodlands, TX.....Thanks

Montgomery County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Bugs in lawn

My grass has slowly died off and now that it is winter my grass is bright green while the yards around me are brown. Any suggestions on what is going on?

Montgomery County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Losing Leaves during Freeze

My orange trees and avocado tree have now lost their leaves as a result of the recent freezing temperatures here in The Woodlands. Should I expect the trees to grow new leaves in the upcoming spring or do you think the trees are "dead" and will need to be replaced ?

Montgomery County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Lawn Grass

I have a large backyard and have had it sodded at least three times. (Very expensive) My problem is that I have various large trees and consequentially not a lot of sun light for grass growth. Is there a variety of grass that I can plant that is shade tolerant? I would prefer a grass that I can seed or perhaps a liquid seed. Thx. Roger Davila

Montgomery County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Pick Oranges before Freeze ?

I currently have a number of oranges on my satsuma tree here in The Woodlands, TX.
Just watching the weather forecast indicating they anticipate a freeze Thur evening/Fri morning.
Can I cover the tree (about 6 foot) with the fruit on the tree OR should I pick the fruit before freeze?

Montgomery County TX Posted over 3 years ago

White Oak Bark and Leave Issues

Hi, about 5 years ago when my first child was born, I bought two white oak trees from a nursery in Georgia and planted them in my yard which is located about 40 miles North of Houston. The trees have grown very well and are now about 17 feet high. But a few weeks ago while I was trimming them I noticed significant issues with the bark--falling off and seeing what looked like damage underneath the bark and then there were several rotten like areas with black powdery material. The leaves also appear to be having issues as they have brown spots and haven't been forming all the way. I did see small ant like bugs going up and down the trunks underneath the bark. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot for any help. I really appreciate it. I'd

Montgomery County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Catalpa tree fungal issue.

I have a fungal infection spreading across my property. I am treating with a root drench of propaconizole . My catalpa trees however look bad so I am using chemical jet micro injectors. The problem: how deep is the xzylem on these tree's? For my oaks a depth of 1.25 inches works but I am getting very little up take at that depth on the catalpa trees.
P.S. I do know that if I am the right depth and there is no uptake that the vascular system may be to far gone. Some of my injectors did unload quickly most did not.

Montgomery County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago


How can I get rid of bamboo growing in my yard? It's beginning to take over. Thanks.

Montgomery County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Spotted, curled grape leaves

I planted 3 varieties of grapes during the winter dormant period (2015-2016). They took off nicely, then we experienced flooding and rainful beyond what is typical for the Houston area. Although the grapes are on high ground, there was no way to protect them from the daily rain. In late Spring, their growth almost immediately became stunted and I noticed brown spots and erosions on the leaves of all of the plants - the Blanc du Bois affected the most (2 plants died), the champanelle not as much (one died), the Black Spanish the least. I have also noticed miniscule black bugs and a web-like material on the underside of the leaves, eventually causing the leaves to curl around them. I am guessing these are unrelated problems....

I noticed a fungus farm at the base of one of the grape plants and from this, decided that the spots must be related to fungal growth. I have been spraying the leaves with a copper-based fungicide about once every week to 3 weeks. This has seemed to keep the plants from dying. My questions: Is there something I can do over the winter dormant period to prevent fungal growth in the Spring? Am I wrong in my supposition that this is fungal? Should I be treating in some other way? Are these mite-like creatures harmful to my plants and should I treat for them (I am currently just cutting off any affected leaves I see)?

Thanks for your help!

Montgomery County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

leaf miner

My citrus trees (honey mandarin, meyer lemon, mexican lime) all have leaf miner problems. While I was picking up more trees for my yard last Spring, I asked the person at the nursery what to do about them. He said that it was merely a problem of aesthetics and that it would not harm the trees. I did not harvest one piece of fruit from any of the trees this past year. The lemon flowered, but none of the fruit was retained. The orange and lime did not even flower. Almost all of the leaves are now affected and I wonder if this "aesthetic" issue is impacting photosynthesis. I have begun spraying the leaves with spinosad (one treatment about 8 days ago, a second today), but am not sure whether this is the answer. Another recommendation I was given was to drench the root system in the spring with imidacloprid. Is this a good plan? If so, when should I apply it?

Any better suggestions?

Montgomery County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago