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Improved Methley Plum Tree

This variety of plum exists but I can not find it. I would like to get more information about it. Very possibly it was developed by a university. Can you possibly help me find where this variety was developed or who might be selling it. The only place I could find it on the web was Just Fruits and Exotics but they quit selling it.

Madison County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Apple tree leaves started to turn brown/black around edges and dropping off

I planted new trees in January and after they started to grow green leaves 10% of the trees are very stressed with black edges on the leaves. They started leaving and appeared very lush however they are being reduced to just the branches.

Madison County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture Posted about 5 years ago

Identify water plant

This plant has appeared in our pond . I was not able to locate it in the emergent plants list. The plant has about a two foot smooth round stem and has roots on the bottom, upper stem at water level is red and the leaves have red veins.. It sort of looks like the 'floating flowers'. Would like to know if it should be removed or left to grow. There are allot of them around the edge of our pond.

Madison County Texas freshwater aquaculture pond and water gardens plant identification horticulture Posted over 6 years ago