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Red tips

Also in northeast Houston I Also I have a bunch of red tips and one had turned almost all burnt dead color here is its pic any information that could help would be great thanks

Liberty County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

Maple tree

I live northeast of Houston we had a lot of rain earlier this year the no rain for about the last two months and I have a maple tree that some of its limbs are turning brown like its dying it is approx 4 years old here is a pic any clue what could be going on most of it looks great

Liberty County TX Posted almost 4 years ago

Can u change the color

I have a bed of all white amaryllis except for one red one. Can that one red change the color of the white ones to pink or red.

Liberty County TX Posted about 4 years ago

Webworm infestation

We have a horrible infestation of webworms but they're not in the trees; they're covering our mailbox, garage & have moved over to the house. This is the second day. We can barely go in & out of the house. They are everywhere! How do we get rid of them? How long will this last? How much damage will they do to the structures & our outside plants on the patio, etc.? Thank you for your help.

Liberty County TX integrated pest management Posted about 5 years ago

walnut caterpillars in Cleveland, Texas

  • government housing projects there are about six pecan trees several types of oaks and sicamore .there are millions of walnut caterpillars in a small area eating not only the pecan trees but all the trees the housing authority says its not their problem. who can help the trees and us.
  • Thank you ,Darrell Beard.
  • 832-917-9810

Liberty County TX trees and shrubs insect issues pecan horticulture horticulture Posted over 5 years ago