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Grass type

I live in Plantersville. I have built a new home and want to know what grass makes the best lawn. Should I plant sod or seed. When is best time to plant. I'd like my lawn to look like Kyle field :-)

Grimes County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Damage from Leaf Miners?

Leaves on my wine grape vines are attacked by something every season. The local co-op said that it looked like Leaf Miners and recommended Dominion 21 absorbed through the soil as a solution. Any idea what caused this and what would stop it?

Grimes County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

What type of caterpillar is this

Any idea of the name of this huge caterpillar?

Grimes County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Pond weed identification

I am trying determine the species of weed that is rapidly growing in several of my stock ponds. On the smaller ponds, it's quickly taking over large portions of the water surface area. I would greatly appreciate your assistance and a recommendation to control. I do have fish in all these ponds and wish to preserve them accordingly. I'm attaching several pictures for your reference. Thanks very much in advance for your assistance.

Grimes County Texas Posted almost 5 years ago

Filamentous algae

Any suggestions on how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated. Have tried dye and other chemicals sold at tractor supply. Would grass carp be an option?

Grimes County Texas freshwater aquaculture Posted over 5 years ago

Stinging nettle

How do I control stinging nettle in my pastures? I have treated with weedar 64 three time this winter and I am not sure if it is not working or the nettle is just coming up so quickly. I have been trying to clear a horse trap because we will be bringing home a newborn filly and her dam to live in this trap. Should I just mow short?.

Grimes County Texas Posted almost 6 years ago

Army worm control

In the last two days, "while I wasn't looking", army worms have devastated 70 acres of young grain sorghum. What's the latest recommended control program?

Grimes County Texas field crops integrated pest management Posted almost 7 years ago

Growing in my pond

I need help identifying these plants in one of my two ponds.

Grimes County Texas freshwater aquaculture pond and water gardens plant identification Posted almost 7 years ago

Bermuda grass seed

Hey We have pasture land in navasota We have about one acre freshly tilled I understand that there are some Bermuda pasture grasses that you can seed instead of hiring a sprigger Can you suggest the best type. Where might I find the seed.

Grimes County Texas pastures and grazing pastures and forages Posted almost 7 years ago

Oak Tree Borers

We have small holes in our Cathedral Oak trees that were planted last year. The holes are lined up and some go clear around the trunk. . Could these be from some type of insect "borer"? What do tree borers look like and how do we treat them?

Grimes County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture Posted almost 7 years ago