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powderpost beetle

I have a cedar post that I stripped and under the bark there was lots of dust and grooves bored into the wod along with small holes. I haven't seen any bugs but how do I know if they are still there or gone? The post has been sitting in a garage for a couple of years with the bark on.

Galveston County Texas beetles Posted almost 2 years ago

Snake control

What is a good product to deter snakes

Galveston County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

Black Moon Amaryllis

Why are the leaves of my Amaryllis falling over? I planted it in Dec and it seemed to be doing great. And one day a leaf just fell over. Then it stood back up the next day. Then they all fell over. I have it planted inside and turn on a grow light during the day because my windows are tinted .I water it with rain water when it dries out at least two to three inches below surface.

Galveston County Texas amaryllis Posted almost 4 years ago

I live in a retired village in League City, TX and we have St. Augustine...

I live in a retired village in League City, TX and we have St. Augustine grass which is being maintain by a local landscaping company. Unfortunately, they mow the lawns every week even after the grass becomes dormant. Not only that, but, in the winter and before spring, they mow just to cut the weeds instead of using the proper mix of chemicals to kill the weeds.
Could you please provide a calendar of events when action is required such as fertilizing, mowing and weed killing applications. Thank you in advance

Galveston County Texas lawns and turf Posted almost 4 years ago

Citrus trees

I live in Galveston County, Texas. I have about 30 citrus trees that have been planted around 20 years. The trees seem to be dying one at a time. They are large trees, the leaves begin to wither, folding inwardly, turn yellow, the trees does not lose its leaves. I have treated the affected trees with Ironite and fertilize all of my trees 2-3 times yearly, in March, May and July with, usually, triple 13. The affected trees are not in the same area of my planting, being separated by 75 -150 feet.

A few shrubs and small trees in my yard have been infected with what my county agent says is anthracnose.

These I have removed and burned.

Galveston County Texas citrus Posted almost 4 years ago

Yellow bells browning

My yellow bells have been in the ground about 3 months and were doing well until recently. There are no signs of any insect attack, just the yellowing then browning of leaves. We recently got a ton of rain, maybe their roots are too wet? We have heavy clay soil which I amended just with regular garden soil in bags. Some are still ok and I'd hate to lose them all. Any ideas?

Galveston County Texas trees and shrubs Posted almost 4 years ago

Problems with flowering plants

The leaves on some of my plants have tiny orange specks on the bottom part. I can't tell if it is an insect or disease. The leaves eventually turn yellow or brown and die.

Galveston County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

What plant is this?

Looking to identify this plant

Galveston County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

black spots on elm tree and dead grass beneath tree

My elm tree has black spots on the leaves and the grass below it and anywhere the leave touch the grass turns brown how do I fix it. can I use a fungicide?

Galveston County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Plant info and identification

Attached are two photos of a plant found in my compost. One is with a ruler showing leaf size and one is a poor view of the stem / stalk. Can someone identify and give me information about it. I like the leaves / leaf pattern and would like to relocate it, if it is not a problematic plant.

Galveston County Texas Posted about 4 years ago