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Bottle brush tree

We are putting in a pool and spa and right now we have a 9ft. bottle brush tree that is next to the spa. do we move it so as not to cause a lot of leaf dropping into the spa or should we leave it and put a root barrier around it? If we move it, will it have a good chance of survival? We are needing to know sooner than 48 hours since they will be starting the deck tomorrow. Thanks for your help

Fort Bend County Texas Posted about 3 years ago

Trident maple blight?

I just noticed a couple of weeks ago this growth on my trident maple tree. Several months ago the bark fell off on this part of the tree and then this. Is this a normal occurrence or something I should have treated? Thanks.

Fort Bend County Texas Posted about 3 years ago

spider with bright orange mark on underside

The plants near the entrance to my house have many spider webs. The spider has a distinctive bright orange speck , sort of "dayglow" orange on the underside. One orange area by mouth parts and one on body. The top looks like two tones of irridessant green. I have used a water spray but they are very prolific and busy building webs every day. I have started breaking up the webs with garden tools, have any suggestions?
Thank you

Fort Bend County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

What is this??? Found this on my daughters bed!!!

I was cleaning my daughters room and found this maggot or worm looking thing on her bed but it crawls and does not "wiggle". Please help!!!

Fort Bend County Texas entomology insect identification Posted over 4 years ago

What but is this

What bug is this,I aM in texas

Fort Bend County Texas insect identification Posted over 4 years ago

When will the candlestick bush bloom?

Last August I bought a candlestick plant and fire bush plant. In a rush to plant I picked a dried out area of the lawn and raked the dead lawn away and poured soil on top and planted them. I did not dig down afraid to hit gas lines, because I did not remember where they were. (stupid and in a rush thing to do)
I put down bone meal and the fire bush does produces flowers. The candlestick has grown from a stick with few leaves to a nice little tree, but no blooms. When will it bloom?

Fort Bend County Texas shrubs Posted over 4 years ago

Little emperor Japanese Blue Berry desease

My Little Emperor Blue Berry leaves are yellow with black spots in one area. Rest of the tree looks healthy and green. I believe this is a fungus. How do I treat this infestation ? Can I save it?

Fort Bend County Texas plant disease horticulture Posted almost 5 years ago

What to do about feral hogs causing damage to a small cemetery?

A small cemetery has been invaded by Feral hogs. The damage is extensive and terrible. The damage is to the earth in large swaths of open land, and also smaller areas, including grave sites. It looks like a disaster zone.

We need help.

How to repair the damaged land so that mowers can again come in to cut the grass?

How to keep out the hogs?

What is a reliable fence (currently we have 4 line barbed wire, which is old and probably broken in places), and can wild Pigs be fenced out?

Is trapping a reliable thing to try? Shooting is not an option due to the potential damage to the grave markers. and monuments.

Can you recommend providers for any of the solutions you may suggest?

Fort Bend County Texas wildlife damage management feral hogs front page Posted almost 5 years ago

Large flying insect pierced and killed a honey bee

Today there was a large, very black and triangular shaped abdomen with six fuzzy legs with a honey bee pierced into the bee's abdomen flying on my patio. The insect was rather loud and seemed to want to escape or get in the house (away from me swatting at him). I scooped the bee into a jar to see if anything erupts from it.
Do you know what type of insect this?
Is this a single occurrence, or more new invading insects to the Fort Bend area?
Should I do anything?
Thank you

Fort Bend County Texas integrated pest management entomology insect identification Posted over 5 years ago

Oak tree sprouts

How can we get rid of all the oak tree sprouts? With the over abundance of acorns this year, our yard is starting to look like an oak tree farm instead of st. Augustine grass. HELP! Is there a safe and easy way to get rid of them.

Fort Bend County Texas lawns and turf oaks Posted almost 7 years ago