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Is a BeefstakeBegonia a plant for indoors only

Is a BeefstakeBegonia a plant for indoors only

Tarrant County Texas begonia subtropical plants rhizomatous begonia Posted 7 months ago

Winter bird feed

What food Is good for this area

Brazoria County Texas bird feed Posted 12 months ago

Nut bearing trees

Besides pecans. Are there any variety of nut trees that bare edible fruit that will grow in the Alvin Texas area.

Brazoria County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Managing amaryllis

I live in the Gulf coast of Texas (presently visiting relatives in Ohio), some 60 miles SW of Houston, TX (about 25 miles from the coastline), where I grow amaryllis outdoors. The temp rarely gets below 30 degrees F, so the amaryllis(am) are never removed from the soil, except to thin them. They are grown in raised beds, and sometimes the leaves never die. My question is: Can I transplant the am into pots for friends and relatives in OH, KY and GA? If so, can I trim the leaves (after blooming) and /or the roots when transplanting into pots? Both the leaves and roots are quite long and cumbersome to handle, transport and manipulate otherwise. Thank you for any information regarding this issue. Randall Q Storm

Brazoria County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Help with eroding neighborhood retention pond ?

  • Does anyone know the kind of company that repairs retention ponds ? Our neighborhood has one that is 5 acres in size & 12 years old and eroding.As a group of neighbors we are not sure how to proceed as our city representatives have told us that this is our problem to solve. ANY AND ALL HELP OR ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED .

Brazoria County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

herons nesting in oak trees

Will nesting night crowned herons cause my oak trees to die? My neighborhood street is lined with

mature live oak trees that have served herons for a number of years. This past year, so many herons

nested in our trees that it now seems to be a rookery. There were three nests in one of my oak trees,

hatching 9-10 babies.... and attended by adults. Mr. Hawk set up shop with his family, also. Was very interesting, but we don't want to lose the trees.

Most of my neighbors had several nests, also. Should we be concerned?

Brazoria County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Plant identity

I have this green running vine that has small yellow flowers and they turn into a small round green oblong looking fruit that has stripes like a watermelon. They turn yellow and fall off if not picked green. About 2" round. What is this.

Brazoria County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Pasture herbicides

I need to spray a 40 acre pasture in southern Brazoria County. Pasture is partially wooded. Main three problem species are Saw Palmetto, Chinese Tallow and Nutsedge (I believe it is Yellow). Looking for recommended products and application rates.

Brazoria County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Birds, Bees, and Trees....

I am wanting to create a (60W X 52L) backyard simplistic habitat that supplies food, water, and shelter for the local wild birds. At the same time I need to create a privacy barrier of hedges for the back fence. I am looking for hedges that produce berries, are drought tolerate to a degree, and are 6 - 8 ft. tall. I am in Zone 9.

I am not located in St. Louis County ??, I am located in Brazoria County, Texas

Thank you.

St. Louis County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

planting mature lime tree at this time of year

A neighbor has given me two mature lime trees. I put them in water last evening until I could contact your office. My question: what are chances these trees will survive? How should I plant them? Water in the hole I dig, good soil and what kind of food? I so hope they will survive. Email reply is great and I am sorry to say that time is so important as the roots are exposed at this time. Thank you for your assistance,

Lynn Megules

Brazoria County Texas Posted about 4 years ago