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Is this plant a tree or weed?

There are two of these growing in my yard. They look like small trees with open-spaced branches and are lined up as if someone planted them in a row. They look similar to rosemary but have very thin, flat leaves and no scent. Does anyone know what they could be?

Williamson County TX plant identification lrk horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

Pruning and wound dressing on hackberry trees

We are building a home in Round Rock. There are several young hackberry trees in our back yard which will shade our patio from the west sun. The trees will need to be pruned back away from the back of the house, so (1) what would be proper pruning and (2) if we have to remove a whole limb, how close to the trunk should the cut be (ie. flat against the trunk or leave a little stob) and do we use wound dressing on the cut.

What is your opinion of the hackberry tree. They do have leaf spots and have heard the berries are very messy for a yard, but we would like to save them if we can.

Thank you for your assistance........Aggie '70

Williamson County TX trees and shrubs horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

Weed Whacker whacked my pomegranate

Help! My yard man's assistant weed whacked around my 20 plus foot pomegranate and shaved two 2X4" strips of bark off of the base of one of the trunks. Can I -- or should I -- do something to help the bush?

Williamson County TX trees and shrubs horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

Evergreen Roses?

I've been reading online about semi-deciduous and evergreen roses. Can you tell me if there are roses that don't lose their leaves over the winter? Specifically, I'm looking for a 3-4' compact rose that blooms alot and doesn't loose it's leaves and will grow in Austin/Williamson county. (Maroon-ish leaves or flowers would be best!)
Any advice you have would be appreciated!
Alicen H

Williamson County TX horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

Wax Leaf Ligustrum

Fred, here's a couple of close ups our wax leaf ligustrum problems.

Williamson County TX horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

Tropical Looking Landscape in Central Texas?

Similar to the publication for a tropical looking landscape for Upper Gulf Coast, is there a reference like this for Central Texas / Hill Country area?

Williamson County Texas landscape design horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

This keeps growing on our lawn

My husband has pulled this plant up by the root and has tried weed killer but it keeps coming back. I want to know what it is and how to remove it from our lawn

Williamson County Texas plant identification horticulture Posted over 4 years ago

Please help, My hummingbirds have been feeding at the four ...

Please help, My hummingbirds have been feeding at the four feeders. On 7/19th the honey beens invaded. The bees have settled on the humming birds feeders and my birds can no longer feed.

I've placed a shallow pan filled with sugar water for the bees. The bees seem to just be more numerous and I need help.

Williamson County Texas integrated pest management Posted over 4 years ago

Why to my Gaura Lindheimeri always die?

I really like guara and I continue to plant them in various spots throughout my gardens, but they always end up dying. A few have survived as long as three years, but most of them do not make it more than 18 months. I suspect the issue may have more to to with the soil than with disease or pests, but I'm no expert. Unfortunately I don't have have the black land prairie soil that mother in-law down the street has where anything will grow. I have limestone interlocked with hard clay on top of more limestone and clay. It's hard to drive a nail my back yard. I do amend the soil at least 12 inches down with compost and DG and remove wheelbarrows of stone, but I still have issues. Possibly within 18 months the soil re-compacts and/or the tap root reaches the non amended clay soil over? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

edit: I meant to check Williamson county not Wilson county

Thank You,

Williamson County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Crossandra problems

i have a crossandra that i have had for 2 years, it did better the first year but I have it outside and leaves are small and pale green and only a few blossoms this year. It is in sun most of the day til about 4:00 pm. Is that too much sun maybe?

Williamson County Texas horticulture Posted over 4 years ago