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Identification of Animal Scat

I live in central texas near Stillhouse Hollow Lake. I am trying to identify the scat that was found in my back yard because an outside cat vanished the night the scat appeared. Coyotes are in the area and cougars have been seen (rarely, but once one was observed in my front yard). The back yard is fenced but it is a low wrought iron fence. Dogs would not be able to get in (and none roam the area) but a cougar could easily jump the fence and a coyote could probably fit between the bars. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. See attached photo,

Bell County Texas wildlife damage management scat id Posted about 6 years ago

Walnut vs. pecan?

I can't tell the difference between a black walnut and a pecan tree when they have no nuts. Please help.

Bell County Texas trees and shrubs pecan trees walnut tree identification horticulture Posted almost 7 years ago

Weed control in Football Field

We are located in Central Texas and have a severe problem with a woody, weed that is now blooming with small white flowers with a yellow center. Our grass is tif and well watered and fertilized. We think we will have to simply kill by using a spot control weed killer but are wondering if there is a selective herbicide. The weed is low profile. I wish I could tell you the name of it, but do not know how to identify it without sending you a photo.

Bell County Texas lawns and turf weed issues horticulture Posted almost 7 years ago

Figs don't mature on 2 large trees

Hi, I live in Temple Texas and have 2 very large fig trees that are full of fruit. (one Celeste and one Brown turkey). Years before they mature with no problem but this year they are about 3/4 in size and just don't seem to want to mature? I cut the trees back each year while dormant, (Feb). I have fertilized them both with fruit tree spikes as well. The trees are very lush and beautiful but no ripened fruit? I'm hoping you can help?
thank you!

Bell County Texas figs Posted about 7 years ago

Where is best to plant a Magnolia tree. NSEW? Out of wind? Shaded? Full sun?

Where is best to plant a Magnolia tree. NSEW? Out of wind? Shaded? Full sun?

Bell County Texas magnolia Posted over 7 years ago