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Planting Crepe Myrtle cuttings.

I want to know if I trim crepe Myrtle that r 2” across n plant if there’s ANY possibility they will root n grow?

Bowie County Texas trees and shrubs Posted 12 months ago

My live oak

My live oak has ants living inside of it and as you see in the picture where the branches meet the trunk it's darker and is easy to pick the bark off like it's dead. Otherwise the tree is blooming beautifully.

Denton County Texas trees and shrubs Posted almost 4 years ago

What mushrooms are these

I have a ton of these in my backyard and wanted to know if it's safe for kids and animals to play around

Midland County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Pecan meat

For the past 2 years I've collected pecans from my son-in-law's pecan trees when they're big and green. Bring them home and let them dry in the sun then wait till the outer shell begins peeling back then crack the shell and all I get is rotten pecan meat. See pic below. I'm I doing something wrong, are the trees diseased?? Would appreciate your comments.

Williamson County Texas pecan horticulture Posted over 4 years ago

pecan trees

I have Xanthoria and Physcia on my 9 years old pecan trees (2). What can I do? I planted a new one this year hoping I would get pecans one day

Faulkner County Arkansas tree health pecan horticulture fungus lichens Posted almost 5 years ago

Lemon grass

How do I care for it and where should I plant sun or shade

Medina County Texas horticulture Posted over 5 years ago

Oak tree bark cracked and peeling off

I have a 10-year old live oak that looks healthy but the bark is cracking and separating from the tree. The tree forks and one fork is fine but the other fork has cracked bark all over. Someone suggested it may have ganoderma. Is there a fix or will this tree eventually die? If it will die, how long does that take? Right now the leaves are full and green. Thanks.

Duval County Florida tree health Posted over 5 years ago

What type of plant is this?

Looking for an ID on this plant

Midland County Texas plant identification horticulture Posted over 5 years ago