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Unknown animal in my home

Can you please help me identify what kind of animal is in my home? After hearing something moving things around under my kitchen sink I finally got the nerve to go look and found a pile of animal scat in the very far back corner. The cabinet doors are always shut so it was dark inside the cabinet. I have attached pics. I have four kids living in my home with me and am afraid one of their curiosities will get the best of them and someone is going to get bitten or sick. I want the creature out of here. I terrified of mice so even though we do not have any as you can see in my pics I do keep some sticky traps out just as a precaution lol. Thank you in advance.

Ector County Texas wildlife damage management Posted over 4 years ago

Plant ID

Please identify this plant for me

Ector County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Is something wrong with my cauliflower plant?

Have a question about my cauliflower plant. I have two. One I bought already had a head and the other didn't. The one that didn't has formed a small head so far, but my question is on the one that had one already.
It wasn't in a perfect head shape to begin with, and it's really not growing in the form of the head at all as florets are sprouting up at different heights with a different number of buds. Is there something wrong with it since it's not forming a head shape like the other? I've provided a picture.

Ector County Texas Posted almost 5 years ago


I am expecting my first hive in Spring of 2016. I have read and watched and researched. Is there a person I can mentor with in the Odessa/Midland area?

Ector County Texas bee health Posted almost 6 years ago

I Fired My New Yard Guy - he dug up my dormant plant

I had what I assume to be a type of sage...

  1. it seemed to bloom on humid/cloudy days
  2. the blooms on this plant were small, about 4-5 petals, deep royal purple
  3. the fragrance was herbaceous
  4. attracted butterflies and hummingbirds
  5. the leaves were a grey/green
  6. the leaves had a scalloped (or wide smooth saw tooth) edge ... dont know how else to describe it
  7. drought tolerant / thrived on neglect
  8. the plant had seed pods about 3 inches in length, very thin, narrow, the seeds were tiny and black
  9. it went dormant every winter....and looked like a big dead weed
  10. the plant lived an average of maybe 5 years before it died
  11. it had a hearty/quick growth
  12. the blooms were individual all over the plant (it did not have several flowers on a stem, the flowers were not bunched in a conical shape)

those are they key things i can recall about this plant. i dont know if it is native to texas. this plant was a gift from my mother. i had it for about 20 years. she's no longer living so i cant ask her where she got it. any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.


Ector County Texas horticulture Posted almost 6 years ago

Ground cover west texas

I am needing ground cover to be established in West Texas, Midland Odessa area. The seed mix needs to be able to be drill seed or Hydro seeded. I am comfortable with any native or naturally growing weeds in the area with the main purpose being establishing coverage on the ground with very minimal watering. Any suggestions?

Ector County Texas lawns and turf Posted over 6 years ago

how to get rid of?

I have a new house in Odessa, Tx that has alot of small broad leafy, thorny bushes (shrubs) in the back yard. I would like to get rid of them. They run off a root system that shoots sprigs up everywhere. I have tried store bought roundup. It seems to kill where I sprayed on the bush, but it looks like it has new growth above the dead parts, and the shoots are coming up everywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks

Ector County Texas brush Posted almost 8 years ago