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fertilizer for onions

When and what fertilizer for newly planted onions in east Texas.

Smith County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Looks Like Cerces on Steroids

I am told this can grow up to 9-ft inside a home. Not hardy in zone 8a or 8b.

Smith County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Unknown Plant Given To Me

Unknown Plant from friend. All she had was 'Friendship Plant', which could be anything. Said these sprout from roots of parent, which looks very different (no pic, sorry)

Smith County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Poisonous Plants for Horses

At the Spirit of St. Louis Therapeutic Riding Center we have a need to identify poisonous plants in our pastures. We would like to move mini horses to a small section, and since of our minis paints, he is priceless, so an ounce of prevention is.....well you get the idea. Can we pay for someone to help us?

Smith County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Worms in fountain pool

We have a fountain with a combination underground and surface pool. The rocks in the pool are covered with a small worm about 1/2-3/4" long that curls up when touched - Brownish red color. Chlorine has not killed these worms. They seem to survive rather the pool is full or drained also. Any ideas?

Smith County Texas Posted over 4 years ago


Is this a wild grape? and if so...edible?....

Smith County Texas grapes Posted over 4 years ago

Painting Fruit Tree Trunks

Is it beneficial to paint the trunks of fruit trees? I was told to dilute white paint (water base) with joint compound.

Smith County Texas fruit trees Posted over 4 years ago

Growing St Augustine in red select fill dirt

Building a house in Tyler Texas. Due to the original lot slope the builder needed to cut-in 4' on one side and build up 4' on the other side to get a level pad surface. This required bringing in 129 loads of red select dirt.

Now about 50% of what will be turf area or shrub beds is red select while the remaining is pretty sandy soil. Cutting out the red select and bringing other fill dirt would be expense. Some "local experts" say I need to do that while other "local experts" say the grass will be healthy as long as the red select is tilled before the sod is put down. Don't want to fight with a poor lawn as my retirement project so I thought I'd reach out to the real experts for advise.



Smith County Texas lawns and turf Posted over 4 years ago

East Texas tree

It is a pod tree and is furry and has seeds insides the pod. Can you help out identifying this specific tree?

Smith County Texas Posted almost 5 years ago


My hydrangea leaves are not fully leafed out this year. Very small. Looking for someone to tell my why!

Smith County Texas Posted almost 5 years ago