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Spider id

My toddler daughter got bit by a tan colored spider(not brown) and I live in north Texas. I wasn't able to get a picture of the spider but it was fast. My toddler likes to go in small corners Of the home and behind our furniture. she had been getting small bites for 2 days and on same area I kept thinking it was ant bites. But 3rd day she got bit we saw the spider and the bite was worse ! It did not ulcerate. But blistered. Only 10% of bites ulcerate anyway tho right? Anyway She only felt it was itchy but otherwise was happy playing and acting normal . No fever chills or anything. Could it have been a brown recluse? The dr gave us bacteroban ointment and it's healing pretty well. It was a medium sized Spiders not too small or big! I have been trying to figure it out and just can't but I'm so worried

Tarrant County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

Yard Soil

I live in Tarrant County and the soil in my yard is very hard, and unable to use a tiller. Even thought I water 2-3 times a week the soil is still hard. The grass barely grow. I have cut my trees back to a canopy to have more sun light due to a lot of shade in the yard. But the soil is a big issue. I am planning on renting a aerator to air the yard. I need advice.

Tarrant County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

Invasive weed

Is there a weed that looks like pennywort ? It is choking out my grass. If so how do i kill it ?

Tarrant County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

What is this?

In a room in an older home above closet doorway.
Gets cleaned off-grows back.
Its not mold.

Tarrant County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

What kind of bug is this?

I saw this bug a few weeks ago on a trash can at my apartment complex. It's about 2" long and the raised fin on its back is about 0.5" high. Seen in Arlington in the late afternoon.

Tarrant County Texas entomology insect identification Posted almost 5 years ago

Plastic Tasting Ice

Bought a new fridge when the old one died in July. Since day one the ice from the ice maker tastes like plastic. The ice maker was replaced but the ice still tastes like plastic. The water from the dispenser tastes fine. I believe the problem is the ice tray. I have used soap, coffee, baking soda and vinegar. I even put the ice maker outside in the sun for 5 days. The repair man is stumped also. Any ideas to get rid of the plastic taste?

Tarrant County Texas Posted about 5 years ago


Why did the name Israelites change to the Jews

Tarrant County Texas Posted about 5 years ago

Spiders: To Fear or Not to Fear?

My friends are building a house in Tarrant County and found these two spiders outside their home. Other people have offered suggestions that Spider-B is a simple grass spider, but I fear that Spider-A is a Black Widow...or at least one that is trying to look like a Black Widow. Can you please help with identification? Our friends and our family each have two young children <4 years old, and I'm worried about our kids playing outside, knowing there may be a venomous spider(s) in the vicinity. What precautions can we take when visiting and/or what can they do as homeowners?

Tarrant County Texas entomology insect identification Posted over 5 years ago

Restricted use pesticide list in Texas

Does the Texas Dept. of Agriculture have a list of "state restricted use" pesticides / larvicides (including pesticides for mosquito control) that are not for general use?

Tarrant County Texas pesticide safety Posted over 5 years ago

Foundation Issue Soaker Hose

I have a house that is starting to move and cracks are starting to appear and a door is separating from the wall. I
have heard that foundations sometimes move due to soil movement.
A1 What do I do to protect my house?
B1, If you advise soaker hoses do they need to go all the way around the house in all cases?
2. How far away from the house should I put the soker hose?
3. Should I use an automation timer to turn on and off the water?
4. If I do use a timer--how long should it be on each day it is used?
5. At what intervals should the timer be set every other day , every day, three times per week or what?
the house is in Lewisville, TX (Denton, Texas)
Ron Thorne

Tarrant County Texas housing Posted about 6 years ago