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Black Rot

Sir,/ Miss,/Mrs.

What program would you recommend for control and prevention in the future. Fungucide to use and schedule for spraying etc. I have twenty plants, in four rows. there is 6 feet between the rows and they are 6 years old. These are concord grapes and are used to make jelly. Also where to purchase the fungicide in the Denton or Dallas area.

Thanks for you help

John Henry Rarick

Denton County TX Posted over 3 years ago


Where can I find flowers named ( pretty girl ). Thank you.

Denton County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Stink Bugs in garden

We had what looked like a Leaf footed bug or stink bug in our garden this year. Is there an organic pesticide that works on them? We had never had them before, so can we expect to get them again or do they come in cycles? This is in a community garden in Carrollton, TX, in Denton county.

Denton County TX Posted over 3 years ago

Tree damage

There are several trees in our yard which have horizontal lines of holes which are about one half inch apart. About one quarter inch diameter holes on the main trunks. One tree is dying from the top. I will try to send a photo. We have put aluminum foil and bell chimes in the trees to scare woodpeckers if that's what the culprit is. Help!

Denton County TX Posted about 4 years ago

Pete moss replacement for potted plants

When looking into most home-made potted plant mixes, the recipe typically calls for peat-moss or coco-coir. I don't like those options because the former has environmental concerns and the latter is expensive. I was wondering if one could use 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, or 1/2 inch lava rock as a filler to help maintain moisture and keep mixture more light and water retentive instead of those other two options. I know sometimes people recommend vermiculite or per-lite, but when making many raised wicking beds, it seems like lava would be the least expensive option. Could it be used in this way?

Denton County TX soil and fertility issues Posted over 4 years ago

Rodent repellant

I have a rodent problem - mice, rats, squirrels. I have used off the shelf rat poison which is effective but the carcasses leave a horrible odor for weeks. Traps are effective but the carcasses have to be disposed off in a timely manner. What is the most effective way to repel rodents so they stay away and I don't have to deal with smelly carcasses. After googling for a solution I am confused with all the different options - using essential oils, strobe lights, utra sound generators etc.
Any help and guidance is appreciated.

Denton County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Stung by unidentified insect

Hello, Last week I was in the pool & felt a very sharp & painful sting about 2 inches above my elbow, looked at my arm & saw a stinger sticking out of my arm. I pulled the stinger out intact. (The only other time I have ever been stung was when I was 9 y/o on the abdomen by a yellow jacket & the pain was worse than that). I have showed this insect/stinger picture to many people & the people at the pool chemical store since they are familiar with a lot of insects. Also Google images of stinging insects. Its head/body appears to be all one, usually insects heads seem separate from its body,like a bee or dragonfly, or wasp. Can you please look at its picture & see if anyone has ever seen anything like this? The stinger is in the background & appears to have part of its body attached. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your time, I greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Christy C. Brijalba

Denton County Texas insect identification Posted about 5 years ago

in house biting noseeums

we are desperate for help understanding how to handle the porblem we have, stated below. No one much believes us it seems. Regardless, our problem is real.

For the past two years,my wife and have been consistantly eaten up with biting noseeums. They are in our house and no one has been able to tell me what to do about them. Although they can't be seen, they do have substantial body weight. They seem to have a hard outter body shell that renders them almost indistructablde. You can feel them hit on the skin and feel them crawling in the hair, nose and ears. They bite everywhere on the body...up the nose, inside the ear, and they love getting in our hair and bitting the scalp. I have almost ruined our furniture using pestisides....nothing works !!! theonly weaponthat I have found that works is a small electronic bugzapper built like a tenis racket...You can hear a loud crackel or popping sound when they are fries. But, I kill one and whole extended family swears a horrendious vendetta against me. What's the answer??? I have had trouble with my emailbut hope to have it fixed by tomorrow. Thanks, Chuck

Denton County Texas integrated pest management Posted over 5 years ago