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Tiny black bugs around window

What are these small bugs crowding the inside window pane, and how can I get rid of them? It recently got cooler out, and in the last couple of weeks I have opened this bedroom window for the first time in several months, then later turned on the heat for the first time since last winter. They seem to be all over the second floor bedroom window. Please help with any suggestions!

Dallas County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

High altitude pumpkin pie

Just moved to Angel Fire N.M from Dallas and know NOTHING about high altitude baking. Want to make pumpkin pie for Tgiving. Sister is a pastry chef. She told me to blind bake the crust was not much help recipe wise, you know how little sisters are.... Any tips? More thanks than you can imagine, Carol Goodson, who wants her first Tgiving in her new place to be memorable for a great meal!

Dallas County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

identify this cocoon ?

Can you please try to identify what type of critter might be inside this cocoon? (Photo attached)

It’s attached high on bricks outside of my house about 10 feet above rose bushes. It’s approximately 3”x4”, square/rectangular shaped, off white in color. Seems to be made of soft thread-like webbing or strings.

I live in Dallas, TX. It's November 8, 2016... So it's Fall and slightly cool weather.

Any guess would be appreciated or let me know whom I might contact further.

Dallas County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

Bugs on and around icemaker

Hi, I am moving into a new place and looked to make sure the fridge was clean, and noticed that the freezer ice maker area is covered in these small yellow/golden looking oval shaped bugs. Can you help me identify them? Trying to figure out where they came from, clean the area, and prevent future occurrences. Thank you, Stan.

Dallas County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

Ants in the house

How do we stop ants from coming into our kitchen?

Dallas County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Power of attoney over our fathers finacial and his house?

my dad of age 84 and has dimencha not mom past years ago.its just me and my youger brother,who has taken care of my dad and my dads house which my dad owes .i dont know how social security work and where the money goes and how its beening he wants my girlfreind of 5 years out of the house.which i dont.whats my rights?

Dallas County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Bees in tree

A couple weeks ago, some bees started living in a knothole in a tree in my yard. I hate to just poison them. Is there a way to relocate them since we have too few bees in our world because of the bee sicknesses?

Dallas County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Black Iridescent Wasps

I live in an apartment in Irving (Dallas-Ft. Worth area) and keep finding black iridescent wasps entering in through one window. They are lethargic and end up dying. I am afraid they won't always be this way. I can find no visible nest outside. What can I do to keep them outside in their habitat and not in mine? What could they possibly be attracted to with that one particular window? I am allergic and want to take care of the situation before being rushed to the ER.

Dallas County Texas Posted about 4 years ago

Pakistani Mangoes

Hello, I recently purchased Pakistani mangoes from a local retailer in Carollton, Al Markaz. Unfortunately, within just a few days, the mangoes began to rot. I do not understand why, as they have not even ripened yet. I grew up eating these mangoes and this is the first time I have ever seen the fruit go bad before ripening. The label on the fruit package has the texas A&M Agrilife title and the packing date is July 6, 2014. I called the retailer and asked why the mangoes are rotting and have a packaging date of last year, and if they had been frozen last year and are now being sold as this year's produce. They denied this claim and said it was a typo on the label. Please clarify. Thank you.

Dallas County Texas food safety fruits and vegetables Posted almost 5 years ago

Sulfur smell out of clothes

We accidentally washed a load of clothes with some sulfur and now they all stink really bad. We've tried washing with baking soda and then with vinegar, left them out in the sunshine and they still smell. Any ideas on getting rid of the odor. We would very much appreciate your help in this matter.

Dallas County Texas textile care Posted almost 6 years ago