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Sewage leech lines and fruit trees

I have a question about planting fruit trees very close to sewage drainlines, leech lines and the risk of contamination. We recently redid our lease lines with to 150 foot lines but it just so happens it’s right in the middle where I have several fruit trees planted some of which are within 2 feet what is the risk of the fruit being bad to eat?

Montague County Texas Posted 3 months ago

Cattle growth expectation

Our registered cattle have constant access to fresh water, hay and a mixture of grain and cubes daily. Although they look normal, the cattle at the registered sales are taller and meatier. What might other breeders be doing which might constitute this difference?

Montague County Texas Posted over 3 years ago

I have a beautiful Red Oak that has been in my yard for 35 yrs now. Actually...

I have a beautiful Red Oak that has been in my yard for 35 yrs now. Actually have two. The sick one is loosing bark and showing bare limps. another part of the tree definitely has a fungus. It would not be pretty, but I could cut these limps off. So far it is not on the main trunk of the tree.....or the best that I can tell. Help !!! Is there a spray for this or do I forget it and see what happened.

Montague County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

What type of weed/plant is this

I am wondering what type of weed/ plant this is? It is growing in my front yard everywhere.

Montague County Texas Posted almost 4 years ago

Calfs pink nose now looks like this

Do you have any idea what this might be?

Montague County Texas beef cattle Posted almost 5 years ago

Allergic dermatitis to insects - cow

My cows have Allergic dermatitis to insects - cow, as this photo is depicted on this site

What is the treatment etc?

Montague County Texas beef cattle Posted almost 5 years ago

Beginning farmer

I am looking for a chart with average cereal, grasses, and cover crop yields in order to create a proposed budget statement for the purchase of land and ability to pay for it with hay production.

Montague County Texas field crops ag economics Posted about 5 years ago

control burn

Who can I contact to do a Safe controlled burn on my pasture. Unable to graze it down and grass is much to thick and high for safety. Especially when hot dry summer returns. Trying to be proactive for environment and fire safe for area.

Montague County Texas rangelands Posted over 5 years ago

Jim Bowie peach tree variety

Trying to find a source for a Jim Bowie variety peach tree. Had one in north texas that produced excellent peaches for several years but died recently. Any help locating some would be appreciated. Need about 25 for planting this winter. Thank you Ken Barnes 817-269-5242

Montague County Texas trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture Posted almost 6 years ago