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One piece lid for canning tomatoes

Are one piece lids safe for canning tomatoes and green beans?

DeKalb County Alabama home canning Posted 7 months ago

Canning Carrots Raw vs Cooked

I don't have a Pressure cooker. Could I cook the carrots for 30 mins to an hr to make them cooked then canne them and then cook them in a hot Bath to make them seal? Or What are the steps I would use to Canned Carrots without a pressure cooker?

Tuscarawas County Ohio Posted 9 months ago

what is this "worm" on a rasin?

We have had pantry moths which I thought were controlled with moth traps, but now are finding little creatures like on the attached picture of a raisin in some of our stored food. We found the same creature in some crackers....please help! We are hoping that we and our 2 1/2 yr old have not eaten these but we are afraid we probably have.....What do you think it is, and what should we do!! Many thanks, Andy

Middlesex County Massachusetts food safety home food preservation pantry pests Posted over 4 years ago

I purchased green bananas in the local grocery store. They did not ripen as I...

I purchased green bananas in the local grocery store. They did not ripen as I expected. The skin was glued to the inside and I was unable to even remove the skin with a knife. What happens when a banana does not ripen as expected? I had to throw them away. Other times, I can purchase "somewhat" green bananas and they will ripen just as I need them when I eat my ripened bananas over time. Thanks for a great service. Rosemary Cline 4118 Sassafras Ct Grove City, OH 43123-9678

Franklin County Ohio food safety food storage family and consumer sciences Posted over 5 years ago

Did I posion anyone?

help! I canned some jalapenos from our garden, I rinsed them off, sliced them up, sanitized the lids and jars of course, put the slices in the jar with 1 small clove of garlic and 1 red chili pepper. then I poured vinegar in 2/3 full then 1/3 purified water and some pickling salt. then i secured the lids then boiled in canning pot for 15 minutes, and then took them out and let them be on the counter til all the lids popped. what did I do wrong? Im worried about botulism...or did I do it correctly?

Rosebud County Montana Posted over 5 years ago

Can Chlorinated callaloo plant be harmful to consume

My callaloo plants were contaminated with chlorine water from my next door neighbor's pool, can I still cook and eat them.

Outside United States food safety horticulture Posted almost 7 years ago

Cleaning the Outside of Club Aluminum

I have a set of pink Club Aluminum that has stains on the outside of it. How can I safely remove these stains? The pots date back to the sixties.

Vanderburgh County Indiana clean-up and recovery cooking utensils household cleaning Posted about 7 years ago