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Beginner Gardener - Strawberries?

I have some strawberries in hanging baskets, and I was wondering what the photo I attached is. They look like strawberries but never reach a big size. I got my first flower on one of the strawberries today. This was after I got rid of all of the runners. So I am just wondering what the things are in the picture?

Denver County CO fruits and vegetables Posted about 5 years ago

Red Oak Tree with Kermes scale (18 yr. old tree)

This scale was very recently treated with Safari Systemic Insecticide root zone injection and the company recommended a fall merit injection. My concern is that the leaves are still breaking off in large clusters. Should I expect this to continue and if so how long is normal?
Thanks for a reply.
Worried tree mom in Denver

Denver County CO trees and shrubs Posted about 6 years ago

I contacted OSU Entomology dept but the woman says to contact you. Does the...

I contacted OSU Entomology dept but the woman says to contact you. Does the 13/17 year cicada swarm come to the Chillicothe area. The 13 yr / 17 yr swarm will burrow out of the ground in some East Coast areas such as Washington DC this summer 2013.

El Paso County CO insect issues Posted about 7 years ago

junipers tips browning

My boss said he has seen many junipers around town that the tips in about 4" are all turning brown, including his. Have you had anyone else turn this in? Is this just a winter problem caused from the very cold we had or is there some disease that might be hitting them?

Alamosa County CO trees and shrubs horticulture Posted over 7 years ago

honey locust pod gall midge

I live in the Colorado Front Range area and have five honey locust trees with varying degrees of twig damage from this midge. I know drought can cause more problems for these trees and I wnat to treat for midges this year. The information in the extension service is from 1988. This recommends pyrethroids (permethrin, bifenthrin),Spinosad, or imidacloprid during egglaying periods. I wonder if more recent work has been done on the insect, Oregon extension did some work on winter soil drenching they called "promising", but I can't find published results. Hope you can help. Thanks! Althea

Boulder County CO trees and shrubs insect issues horticulture Posted over 7 years ago