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Round Bale Quality

Have some oat straw (with some oats on it) and grass round bales. Put up just slightly above optimum moisture 3 weeks ago, stored outside on pallets, covered with tarp. Now outside of bales touching tarp are black slimy and have mushrooms--black layer is up to 8 inches thick. Insides look fine. Ok to peel outside and feed green area? Is outside toxic? At this point, should I uncover the bales and let them cure in the open and if so, do I need to peel the mushroom part first?(Feeding bred cows and calves). Thank you!

Posted almost 6 years ago

Feeding edible beans to cattle.

I have a client that has 25 tons of dried red beans (from MI)that he wants to feed to cattle. I am in SE PA. He has the ability to roast and roll. What are limitations/conconcerns about feeding to feedlot cattle. Jim Hogue,PAS Agri-Basics, Inc., Manheim, PA Thank you

Posted almost 7 years ago

Purchasing MSU Beef

Hello! I heard that MSU sells beef?! I wanted to receive further information on this.

Posted about 7 years ago

Bull Eval Prep

Do you have any recommendation for feed to get my bull ready for the bull evaluation? Do you suggest early weaning from mother or keep the bull on his mother and supplement? What do you recommend for feeding? Last year our bull didn't gain enough to get in so I am trying to get one ready this year. Jill Bauman Bauman Farm American British White Cattle

Posted over 7 years ago

Flax Hay

I want to know if flax hay is worth buying and feeding to cattle

Hennepin County Minnesota pastures and forages Posted over 7 years ago