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what kind of spider is this?

I found a spider on the ceiling above my bed tonight and i'm rather apprehensive about whether i should kill it or just let it be.

note- I've been staring at it for over an hour now and it hasn't budged once. Do you think it's frightened of me having discovered it? :(

Hidalgo County Texas Posted almost 2 years ago

can you identify this?

Hello, these are growing in our backyard. Just trying to identify them. They are very brittle when you touch them, fine black powder is inside. Doesn't look like a mushroom. Thanks

in advance! Unable to load picture.

Mitchell County Texas Posted almost 5 years ago

Flood Damagaes River Property

I have property that flooded on Oct. 30 on the San Marcos River. The river meadow is badly damaged and full of debris. We are clearing it as we can but recognize the need for suggestions as to how to keep the soil from washing away and a need for grass coverage of some sort. Can you help with suggestions for this problem. The property is in Guadalup County near the town of Martindale.

Guadalupe County Texas floods field crops disaster preparedness pastures and forages Posted over 6 years ago

Agricultural land

Agricultural and that's been in the family for 6 years was change to residential when they sent notices to my son which never reached him because he serving as a Navy corpsmen. Appraisal district was informed in 2011 that all notifications should be sent to his residence at home, which is Brownsville Texas.They had correct information in 2011, sent out to the wrong address 2012. When I went to pay the tax on property for him recently, I notice the error.

Texas local government Posted over 7 years ago