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Disease On Cantaloupe leaves

First time gardener here from NE Ohio.

I noticed my cantaloupe and even my cucumber leaves are getting a splotchy yellow and white dots on them. I will try to attach photo's in hope that an answer to what is happening to them and possible way to treat them please! I'm in love with my plants and don't want them to die or stop producing all they can! This seems to appear fast too!

Summit County OH Posted 16 days ago

Hello, I am helping a farmer rehabilitate a traditional 60 acre farm and...

Hello, I am helping a farmer rehabilitate a traditional 60 acre farm and convert it to a sustainable market farm and homestead. We currently have 1000 square feet of cultivated vegetable crops (not including paths... just the footage of what needs irrigation)... and soon to have another 1000 square feet. We are currently designing and building a water catchment system for the barn roof, and have secured so far 3 food grade 275 gallon IBC totes. It is our plan to collect water from the barn roof to use for irrigation. I'm doing a number of calculations for water pressure and how much water we will need. I used the inch-acre and data I found at an irrigation company and the PennState extension to calculate how many gallons per week we will need to irrigate roughly 2000 square feet per week. I'm not sure I'm correct. Basically, I'm trying to figure out how many tanks we will need per 1000 square feet of bed, expecting that sometimes, being Ohio, we may have to go about 3 weeks without rain? Is that another correct assumption? Thank you, Holly Whiteside Farm on 58 Oh the math!!!! haha. Anyway, I figured if anyone had the correct answers/formulas/recommendations, it would be Ohio State Extension. I'm looking for how many tanks I need to cover irrigation per 1000 sq feet of bed, or any other information that might help. Thank you so much.

Lorain County OH Posted 17 days ago

Unidentified worms in large web tent

Good or bad,
Please advise

Hamilton County OH Posted 21 days ago

What kind of ointment do you put on turkeys foot antibiotics for bubble foot

What kind of ointment do you put on turkeys foot antibiotics for bubble foot

Scioto County OH Posted 10 months ago


We filed paper to b cone tax exempt for sales tax on farm we had out certificate that had our info on it destroyed by water how can we get a copy of our cert

Cuyahoga County OH Posted about 1 year ago

Lilacs wilting

Row of lilacs. First one leaves began curling early after leafing. Worsened over summer. Branches dead by second year. Cut all the way back. Coming back looking good but all other bushes now with wilting, curling leaves.Not brown....yet

Hamilton County Ohio Posted about 1 year ago

Roots of large White Pines

I have a question regarding tree roots of White Pines. We have several large White Pines planted at the top, close to the railing, of our 10-12 foot retaining wall. They have been there about 14 years and they are about 50 feet tall. Our retaining wall is made of large cement blocks. Can the roots of the White Pines affect the integrity of our wall? We have our wall inspected every three years by an engineer and so far there hasn't been a problem. Please let me know so I can inform our condo board. Thank you.

Hamilton County Ohio Posted about 1 year ago

Colorado Blue Spruce Needles

Hello, Our 4 yr. old Colorado Blue Spruce tree looked wonderful up until 2017 then I noticed the inner limbs from trunk out 2 feet or so began to turn brown and then fell off the limbs. This occured in one side of the tree. The rest are turning brown or not turning at all. Our beloved Spruce is in our back yard. Gets great sun, water and is professionally fertilized every Feburary. Do we have a desease? Our aborbist stated it may be lacking acid. Please help up save our tree!

Cook County Illinois Posted about 1 year ago

Glyphosate (Round-Up) is not safe.

The herbicide Glyphosate in RoundUp is poisonous to the environment, and to humans as well. Why are you recommending it? My daughter used it on our lawn for years and it killed off most of the bees, butterflies, and many other species of insects. Please stop recommending this toxic chemical.

Washington County Ohio glyphosate safety Posted over 1 year ago

I am wanting to plant a summer annual or a mix to use as forage for a small...

I am wanting to plant a summer annual or a mix to use as forage for a small herd of rotational grazed cattle. At present I am leaning towards a mix of 12.5 lbs of pearl millet BMR, 6.25 lbs of sunn hemp and 2 lbs of daikon radish per acre. My concern is nitrogen, specifically nitrate poisoning. I want to apply 2 tons of chicken litter as fertilizer prior to planting to meet my P and K needs. The analysis of this litter says that I will be applying 109 lbs of nitrogen TKN per ton for a total of 218 lbs to the acre. In addition the sunn hemp will provide nitrogen as well. Is this an accessive amount of nitrogen, if so what is a better application rate while still utilizing the chicken litter or a is a different fertilizer recommended all together. Lastly, I want to follow this summer forage with a winter forage mix to accoplished both grazing and preparing this field for a hay field in the spring. Shold I fertilize again and with what and at what rate. The winter mix will contain triticale, peas, radish and collards. Thanks Jess KIllen L

Ohio Posted over 1 year ago