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Red maple troubles

My well established red maple is slowly becoming covered in thick white powdery stuff and some leaves are shrivelled and misshapen

Outside United States maple trees maple Posted 2 days ago

Crab apple trees losing leaves

I have a couple of crab apple trees that look great in the spring but start to lose their leaves in mid-late June. I'm guessing it is some kind of blight but don't know what I can do about it.

Addison County Vermont Posted 8 days ago

4 h

I have a girl that is 9. What to know how much it cost.is the start time ?

Lamoille County Vermont 4-h Posted 9 days ago

Sour Cherry Tree problem

The leaves at the ends of the branches of my sour cherry tree are turning brown and drying out. The tree is still setting fruit but something isn't right. Please help me figure out what's wrong and let me know what I can do about it. I can send images if you send me an email address.


Franklin County Vermont Posted 16 days ago

new this year- yellow flies

I live in Lincoln, VT and have noticed a new fly I've never seen before. It's on my horses and It looks like a regular face fly in size and shape, but it has a bright yellow, almost powder like color on its body. Has anyone else seen this?

Addison County Vermont Posted 20 days ago

Birch Trees in Trouble

How are sapsuckers/woodpeckers discouraged from pecking holes and releasing sap for bugs and other birds to feed on? Can the trees be somehow wrapped to both protect them and keep the sap from flowing out? Who would I contact to come and help me?

I have two young birch trees that are being pecked at relentlessly by two birds (sapsuckers, I believe). I am really worried that they are going to kill the trees. I hung CD's to scare them away as high as I could reach, but the birds just sat next to them and kept pecking. They don't even leave when I stand directly below them under the tree. HELP!!!

Addison County Vermont Posted 22 days ago


As of last year we have been seeing an invasion of small ( half inch or so) almost golden colored snail in
large numbers.....Never in the 40 plus years living here have we seen them. They have a very thin shell and some days , especially after a rain, it is impossible to walk up the road without crushing dozens of the little blighters...Any ideas about what they might be?....Any web site about Vt, snails seems to have any answers


Caledonia County Vermont Posted 25 days ago

I need help identifying what has taken residence in my Mason Bee colony Friend or Foe?

I have set up 5 mason bee "condos" in Underhill. I had two mason bees take up residence and create a column of chambers. They seemed to stop as we got into mid June (to be expected). Then recently I found two new columns of chambers. In these there seemed to be MULTIPLE grubs growing in each cell. I was concerned about an infestation of parasitic wasps. The chambers were created long after the mason bees quit and the clay plugs in the new columns seem sealed. Is there any chance that these are from a different species of bees? I have removed them from the condo but am wondering what they are. I will attach a photo.

Chittenden County Vermont native bees Posted 26 days ago

growth on blueberries

Looking for assistance to solve this illness that has attacked my blueberriesh

Washington County Vermont Posted about 1 month ago

Pond algae eating fish

We have a small pond and it grows a lot of algae in the summer. Can you recommend some fish that might help keep this under control? Thank you.

Windsor County Vermont pond management Posted about 1 month ago