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Lawn infested with grubs

I live in Georgia VT and have a large lawn. The soil is sandy and has large bare spots. I can see those ugly white grubs in the soil. Can I spread grub klller now or when is the best time? Do I need a special kind of grub killer?

VT Posted 5 days ago

Japanese knotweed

I'm sure you get a lot of questions on this subject. How do I contain/eradicate it? This all began after Tropical Storm Irene. We live on the Rock River in Newfane.

Windham County VT Posted 9 days ago

Improving quality of forage in an old hores pasture

I have a 1 acre pasture in Charlotte that has more weeds than good grass. It will be used for a herd of 4-6 alpacas. I need advice on how to improve it without having to tear it up. I have a mower and it can be mowed as needed.

Chittenden County VT Posted 11 days ago

horses coming home with no pasture creating experience

My partner and I are purchasing our dream home in Berlin, VT with 28 acres and a lot of pasture property. I have not had my horses on my own property since I was a child, and then it was wooded pasture not grass; we fed hay all year 'round. I need help determining how to fence and how much to fence for three horses: a 7-year-old quarter horse; a 6-year-old, plumpy Icelandic, and a geriatric Norwegian Fjord. How do I meet all of their needs without any one of them getting too much or too little. How do I know what to fence in, what not to fence in and how to manage the property to best meet their needs?

Washington County VT Posted 14 days ago

Testing for MOLD

I have a used camper and it 'may' smell like mold. How do I test if it's a mold problem (which could cause illness) or just an old musty smell?

Chittenden County VT Posted 16 days ago

Beating dogbane in meadow

I have tried brushhogging about ten acres of our meadow, but dogbane continues to move across the meadow. We are not using the area for crops, but water drainage in the area runs straight toward our dug well. What can I do to drive it back? Thanks, John Clarke

Addison County Vermont Posted 16 days ago

What herbiside is recomended to get rid of poisonous parsnip?

I got burned by this horribly trying to erradicate it last year. I am ready to kill it. I do want the safest poison available as the run off could get into a field used for raising organic goat feed. If this plant spreads to the field then the goat feed will be poisousous to the animals. The poisous parsnips has to be stopped.

Washington County Vermont Posted 19 days ago

Found Emerald Ash Borer

I found an Emerald Ash Borer on my property in Essex Junction. Who do I bring it to?

Chittenden County Vermont Posted 20 days ago

Test for water Quality

How do I test the water quality of a spring on my property. I want to design a running water feature for birds and pollinators but want to be sure the water is not tainted.

Windham County Vermont drinking water Posted 20 days ago

White pine problem

Last year a good size white pine turned redish yellow and this year it appears to be dead. A smaller one near it has a reddish large branch. What is it and what can we do.

Washington County Vermont Posted 26 days ago