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knotweed control

What are the recommended methods for controlling knotweed?
If herbicides are to be used, which products are preferable from a human health and environmental perspective?
Herb Olson

Addison County Vermont Posted 28 days ago

cleaning 3/16 " sap line

Thinking this question would be for Dr. Tim Perkins? We have about 300 taps on 3/16 line, hoping we could get some advice on how to clean it when we get done this year.
Thank You,
Wayne & Denise King

Washington County Vermont Posted 2 months ago

Pruning apple tress after last year

How should apple trees be pruned this year, given last year's terrible winter effects? Last summer, a huge proportion of the wild apple trees looked dead, apparently from the extreme winter cold. It was generally thought that these trees would come back if the summer was not too hard. How should these trees be pruned, or should they not be pruned this year?

Windsor County Vermont trees and shrubs pruning trees Posted 2 months ago

Dead cow eaten by pigs

There is a newly formed farm, on heald road. They have a sow with young. They are feeding dead calves to these animals.? I grew up on farms! I have never seen such practices! It's a learning farm for kids???? What

Franklin County Vermont Posted 3 months ago

Trees growing in a auto waste filled area.

We have several species of trees that we tap in spring. How’s, I realized that they are growing in a thoroughly contaminated old car parts junk yard. Will sap taken also have the contaminants ie, battery acid antifreeze, etc. I’ve had state environmental protection agency come. Based on bill 23E. They claimed that the bill doesn’t apply! My property abuts the industrial property that has the junk pile. They cut all smaller trees to put parking lot. Soon after the top soil that had been covered with landscaping plastic began to wash into our yard. It’s a multi fold problem. The accumulated water is burning my dogs feet. Therefore my concer to not only my dogs also extends to our trees. Which we have tapped every spring for at least 4 years! Please any advice on this issue is much appreciated Debra

Plymouth County Massachusetts hazardous waste Posted 4 months ago

Weasel killing chickens

Hi, We have a predator killing our chickens. We think a weasel might be living under the coop. Is it legal in Vermont to trap and kill weasels? If so, how should we go about doing this? If not, are there other solutions?

Orange County Vermont Posted 5 months ago

Help saving Maple tree

Hello, my name is Tony and I live with my wife Carolyn in South Burlington. The home we live in was built in the fall of 08. Our front yard features a once healthy 35 foot tall Maple tree. Our lot is only 50 feet wide so we had the house built about 30 feet further back than other houses on our street so we could save the tree. We had a ditch dug for utilities that cut a swath about ten feet away from the tree. Due to our ignorance we now have a tree that is struggling. Last September we had a tree guy loosen up the surrounding soil and fertilize. This fall I spread three yards of Green Mountain Compost all around under the tree. The tree has many dead branches and only a fraction of healthy leaves growing. Is there anything that we can do to help it survive that does not cost a fortune? We have already spent over $2000 on it just in a year. Thank you, Tony

Chittenden County Vermont Posted 5 months ago

Overrun With Mushrooms

I have about a half acre lawn with about half of the lawn covered with mushrooms. This summer I would spend about an hour or more digging up mushrooms before each mowing of the lawn. I am a care giver to my wife who is a critical cardiac care patient of DHMC. I have spent alot of time recently going to and from DHMC. When I went to mow the lawn for the last time I found more than 40 mushrooms, some are huge balls, and I just don't have the time to dig up all these mushrooms before the last mowing. What do I do in the spring when the lawn needs to be raked? This has been going on now for four years, but each year gets worse until now I don't know what to do or even is I can pay to have it done, because my pension only goes just so far. Can you help me? What can I do with limited resources and strength?

Caledonia County Vermont Posted 5 months ago

Box Elder Beetles

I am working with a client in Quechee whose property (house) is being swarmed by box elder beetles. She believes that certain trees on their property are where the beetles live and propagate. If that is true, we can have them removed. I am curious as to whether tree removal will reduce or eliminate the swarms that occur each fall. Is this a question that you can help with?

Just curious as to when I might hear back. Thank you.

Windsor County Vermont Posted 5 months ago

What is this hornet/wasp?

Please help me to identify the hornets/wasps - some came into the house on Wednesday. There are currently about 20 flying around some of our eastern facing windows. I’ve killed at least 40 so far. AND, my husband is severely allergic to their stings! I can’t see their nest. I don’t know exactly how they are getting into the house. They are 1 1/4” to 1 3/4” long. I’ve had the pest elimination people here this morning, who say that spraying powder on an area where I can see them flying in and out (a second floor roofline junction) will just drive them further into the house. I’ve had a home builder here who said that it might involve opening up the soffit of the house to try to remove the nest- that we can’t see. It seems if I knew the exact species of this insect that it would help me to understand them, what to expect and what to do. Thank you in advance for your help.

Chittenden County Vermont Posted 6 months ago