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Plant ID

Takes over my yard edges, fast growing, no vine. Individual stems (from ground) with 3 leaves. Does not flower, no berries, nothing but green leaves. Stems are also green and weak. I pull handfulls and they easily snap off at base, but root stays underground.

Wayne County Ohio wildflowers and native plants plant identification horticulture Posted over 4 years ago

Bug bites? Everyone in my household has been getting mystery bites (usually...

Bug bites? Everyone in my household has been getting mystery bites (usually at night) light red, circular, raised and itchy (for a short time, or unless bothered again) weird thing is: each "bite" has a black sliver/barb?? in the center that you can feel. It seems to cause pain to my children when touched. Chiggers? Please help! No signs of bedbugs or any bugs at all, really! removed sheets from all beds and on my youngest daughter's there was what seemed to be many of the "barbs" but they were red. They are about 1/2mm. Not moving...that I can see. Also, I don't know if this is related but my other daughter has had terrible, large hives since a day or two before the "bites" began. What do you think? I tried to submit an inquiry via mobile site but it didn't seem to work, so i resubmitted. sorry if you receive multiple inquires! :)

Wayne County Ohio human health bedbugs Posted almost 6 years ago