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Can I grain feed cattle to compensate for lack of pasture space? Is practical...

Can I grain feed cattle to compensate for lack of pasture space? Is practical ? Is it costly?

Franklin County Ohio beef cattle pastures and forages beef cattle nutrition Posted about 17 hours ago

I am looking for an ID for this insect. I have searched but can't find out...

I am looking for an ID for this insect. I have searched but can't find out what it is. At first I though it was a tachinid fly but when I got closer I saw it didn't have hair on it's butt or red eyes. Thank you for your time.

Scioto County Ohio insect issues insect identification fly Posted 4 days ago

Hello there, I am in need of help. Due to excessive gas destruction, ongoing...

Hello there, I am in need of help. Due to excessive gas destruction, ongoing drilling, disturbed streams, increased crop farming, and the resulting natural consequences my few acres of wilderness has progressed from our private growing nature preserve to an overpopulated last resort for all creatures great and small. We have gone from the pleasant regular sight of wildlife to territorial feuds on the part of highly agitated and displaced creatures. Not to mention a population explosion of salamanders, snakes, frogs, birds, insects, etc. never seen in our county before. We cannot walk though our one acre of grass (of 10 wooded) without killing hundreds of millipedes which we can't naturally control without killing slugs, snails, frogs, and the like. We have mutated flora & fauna. Our two small natural ponds are overflowing with reptiles, fish, amphibians and insects of all sorts. Our natural spring/streams are now carrying algae thanks to farming fertilizers and our pure well/spring water in now discolored and smells awful. I have a graveyard (now almost a quarter acre) not just for family pets but other creatures that have been ripped to disgusting, half eaten shreds near the house. Our little spot of paradise has become a place of gruesome survival horror. Instead of instilling a appreciation and caring for nature in our children we are explaining that their beloved pets were eaten by coyotes, that the bunnies are all gone, that they cannot explore in the ponds, and that they have to wear shoes outside. Moreover we have to coat ourselves in bug repellant poison so as not to return with 20+ ticks or bites from insects the size of our faces from a short walk in the woods. Our garden is no longer a source of food but an entomological nightmare. I'm not unaware loving nature requires accepting the cruelty with the beauty. I am thrilled to be providing a somewhere displaced animals can successfully breed. They are all welcome.
However, I am now acutely aware that I have no idea of how to manage a property that seems to be a last resort for everything from wild turkeys to erie area salamanders to incredibly aggressive jumping spiders. That doesn't count the species that have no natural place in this habitat because they belong in marshlands or caves. In ten years I have gone from being excited about finding rare species to having so many I just started to research & document them all. Our property is at maximum capacity for what it can support. I feel like it is my duty to preserve the creatures and their rightful environment. We've made a lot of changes to accommodate & help wildlife survive including eliminating chemical care, landscaping with native plants, and turning our koi pond into a standing vernal pool. I am educating myself as much as possible, and enough to know I'm still clueless. I cannot alone create the balance for these creatures to survive let alone flourish anywhere. Two days ago I found out they are going to start box mining in our area.

So here's the big question: Can you please link me with specific people or departments within organizations that are willing to help me address this issue on any level from wildlife expert to land management to state conservation law? I know there are other people out there who realize the long term impact of treating nature as disposable. I just can't find them.

Jefferson County Ohio Posted 4 days ago

Do you think current fallen wild cherry leaves could cause respiratory...

Do you think current fallen wild cherry leaves could cause respiratory distress in a horse..rapid breathing flared nostrials
These are not fallen branches/wilted leaves just the fall leaves falling.

Muskingum County Ohio horses Posted 4 days ago

Black Hills Spruce Spacing

We are planting trees along the side of a warehouse mainly for a visual barrier. It is 700' and we were going to plant two rows staggering the trees. How far away from the warehouse should the first and second row be and what spacing do you recommend for the trees in the row? A wind break is not our main concern. We are replacing the white pines that have been plugging the gutters with their needles and pine cones. Do you have a list of recommended tree suppliers? We are in Medina, Ohio. Thanks

Medina County Ohio trees and shrubs Posted 4 days ago

Unknown plant

Hello. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what this plant is. I thought possibly beetroot but it has berry like things coming from the top, so I'm clueless. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Clark County Ohio plant identification weed identification pokeweed Posted 8 days ago

Missing Squirrels

I live in Watauga county NC. This is in the mountains. I have had for the last two years that I lived here more or less 5-8 grey squirrels all the time. We feed the deer corn and the area where the deer eat has always been good for squirrels. We throw bird seed and sunflower seed on the ground for the squirrels. We have lots of nut trees etc close by. Suddenly the squirrels are missing.Any clue as to why?

David & Sandy

Watauga County North Carolina squirrels pest control Posted 9 days ago



Shelby County Ohio Posted 10 days ago

Canning onions

I have a recipe for canning balsamic caramelized onions. The recipe calls for 2 lb of onions and 3/4 of a cup of balsamic vinegar and 3/4 of a cup of sugar. That's it. The onions would be caramelized in a slow cooker without using any fat. I have seen the exact same recipe water bath canned and pressure canned. So I am confused. I know that onions need to be pressure canned but I'm wondering if the balsamic vinegar is enough of an acid to water bath can them. Thank you.

Hamilton County Ohio food safety home food preservation Posted 11 days ago

Nutsedge infestation in a pasture.

Good Afternoon!
We have a infestation of Nutsedge that is taking over our pasture. We graze cattle and they won't eat it and it is out competing the grasses that they do like. I believe that it was brought on to the property by some hay that we bought in the last couple years. We want to kill it and improve the pasture but do not want to spray herbicides such as Round-up/Glyphosate or Dicamba. Do you have any suggestion for more natural ways to manage this problem? What do you think of flame weeding?
Thank you for your time!

Highland County Ohio pastures and grazing pastures and forages Posted 12 days ago