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A green bean growing out of ground

I planted beans. Most came up normal. One looks like two green beans (like the part you eat) are growing out of the ground. It’s like each side of the dicot turned into a bean and is growing. There is no line like where the string would be, but the texture, shape and size are just like 2 full-grown, ready to pick beanS are coming out of the ground. What caused this?

Mobile County Alabama Posted about 1 year ago

Diseased amaryllis

I have about 40 bulbs planted in one spot that have been so beautiful for many years. Now many of them have the red blotch dsease. I just can't throw them away. S there anything else I could do?

Mobile County Alabama Posted almost 2 years ago

Something eating my blueberry plants

I was told it was cranberry root worm (or cut worm); I can’t see them at night but Sevin isn’t killing them. Help?

Mobile County Alabama Posted almost 3 years ago

Unable to ID this hairy beauty.

Can you please ID this plant? I harvested a cutting several years ago from heaven knows where (somewhere between Memphis,TN and Gulf Shores,AL). This is the first time it's put on leaves and has grown. It's a shade dweller with red/hot pink hair on it's single stem. The leaves have white hair all over them. What is it?

Mobile County Alabama plant identification Posted over 4 years ago

Want to know what kind of plant this is

I want to know what kind of plant this is it's got seven dust on it just want to let you know that and let me know if you could be just a weed

Mobile County Alabama plant identification Posted over 4 years ago

Why are half-grown nuts falling off my tree?

My tree was full of nuts last year but nearly all of them fell off when they were about half grown. The same thing is happening again this year. The nuts are half way to maturity and the ground is littered with them, what can I do to remedy this?

Mobile County Alabama trees and shrubs front page Posted over 6 years ago