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pesticide drift

Each year (June to early July) a plane sprays a nearby field. My field lies north of the field so when the spraying is done on a day with a southerly wind, my pasture, blueberries, beans, and tomatoes take a big hit.
I have reported this to State Ag; they send a person up, look at the damage and nothing is ever done to notify the farmer/sprayer of the problem. Last year no less than five people showed up, looked, and took samples. This included a person from the pesticide division of Ag. Never heard from them again

Seems like I have done all that I can do; any help here, any suggestions?

Elmore County Alabama Posted about 1 year ago

can I save my lilac tree

tree is maybe 6 yrs old. bleeding sap at ground level to trunk. showing dying limbs. Is the tree a total loss? will it help if I prune away dying limbs. I feel certain tree was damaged by a weed eater machine. at ground level/or just below I found a chunk of trunk was missing. I have seen trees that have lower trunk this a way to heal an injured tree.

Montgomery County Alabama Posted over 1 year ago

Nonbearing Trees

Do you have fertilizer recommendations for nonbearing trees?

Colusa County California trees and shrubs Posted over 1 year ago

bad pecans...

What is wrong with my pecans? Is there anything I can do?

Montgomery County Alabama Posted over 2 years ago

Soil Sample sent to Auburn fBor property pond in Letohatchee

Back in April, I turned in soil samples to your office to be sent to Auburn for analysis to determine what I needed to do for my pond. I never received the analysis, and today I received a bill from Auburn for $7.00 Please help me track down what happened to the sample I delivered to your office. Thanks! Debra Hobbie

Montgomery County Alabama Posted almost 3 years ago

Honey Bee Infestation

Do you know someone that can remove a bee hive or bees from a house? Thanks, Houghton Smith

Montgomery County Alabama Posted almost 3 years ago

Dollar weed in St Augustine

I used ‘Image’ then ‘atrazine’ but the dollar weed is holding on. Google search says "most effective herbicide is Metsulfuron Methyl - expensive, slow, and difficult but effective on Dollar weed and safe on St Augustine." Can someone advise me ? is this the same as MSMA and will I still have to spray atrazine for the other weeds?

Montgomery County Alabama Posted about 3 years ago

Beneficial or not?

Yellow furry found floating on Lake jordan. Green funny squishy worm found on vegetation, Wetumpka, Jasmine Rd Pretty little spider found in Montgomery yard. Thank you again. Happy to find your website.

Montgomery County Alabama Posted about 3 years ago

Good beetle or not?

Found in yard, Wetumpka, what beetle is this and is it beneficial or not? Thank you for your time and service. Mary

Alabama Posted about 3 years ago

Bottle Brush Freeze

I have three large Bottle Brush plants which turned brown after the last hard freeze. They are about 3 years old and about 7 ft tall and were a favorite with the hummingbirds. I've left them alone, hoping they will recover. I noticed that they are starting to grow some green leaves, but there's still lots of brown leaves and branches. Do I leave them alone or do I need to start cutting the brown branches and leaves? I'll send some photos if you would like to take a look at them.

Montgomery County Alabama Posted about 3 years ago