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Welcome to Hardin County, KY. Questions asked will be answered by the local Cooperative Extension Agent.

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Ground hog destruction!

I live in semi-rural Hardin county. I have a ground hog that is destroying my foundation. My preference is to trap it and relocate it, is there anywhere i can rent or borrow a live trap?

Hardin County Kentucky Posted 3 months ago

Maple tree

I have sone type of maple that is in the middle of a field and it is massive. Is there a good way to determine the age with measurements? It is the biggest maple I have personally ever seen.

Hardin County Kentucky trees and shrubs Posted 7 months ago

Best herbiside to use for Fall reseeding

What is the Best herbiside to use in killing weeds for Fall reseeding that will not prevent germination of my grass seed?

Hardin County Kentucky hardin county kentucky horticulture Posted 9 months ago

Tomatoe leaf curl

What can I do for leaf curl in my tomatoes and leathery leaves

Hardin County Kentucky tomato leaf curl hardin county kentucky horticulture Posted about 1 year ago

Farmer's Market

What are the requirements for selling items at Farmers Market?

Hardin County Kentucky Posted about 1 year ago

Annual Plant Sell Vendor?

I visted the sale this past Saturday. However, it was so hot and I did not have a means of carrying item to my car.

How do I locate a vendor that was there?

Hardin County Kentucky plant fair Posted about 1 year ago

Master gardening program

When is next master gardening program starting? How much is it, can I get scheduled of events Emailed to me? Thanks, sandra

Hardin County Kentucky master gardener training Posted about 1 year ago

Free native trees.

I was told that at some time during the spring we can get free trees. Do you know anything about this?

Hardin County Kentucky Posted over 1 year ago

Small black beetles

I have very small black beetles invading my home. Can you please identify and advise with regard to extermination method? Thanks,

Hardin County Kentucky Posted over 1 year ago

honey locus leaf being eaten

I have 6 honey locus whose leaves are being stripped of all their leaves. seems to be an insect, what spray can I use to stop this from happening next season?

This is late September and the trees are completely stripped of leaves except the very top of the trees. On the ground is a powder or a residue of the leaves.

Hardin County Kentucky tree health kentucky horticulture Posted almost 2 years ago