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japaneese beetles

I had a problem with Japanese beetles on my blackberry plants and rose bushes this summer . I have a small garden .Is their anything organically that I can do that will help next summer such as neem oil or anything else? Thanks, Croc

Hardin County Kentucky japanese beetles hardin county kentucky horticulture Posted 6 months ago

squash vine borer eggs

what works best on squash vine borer eggs neem oil or horticulture oil and does either one kill them thanks croc

Hardin County Kentucky squash vine borer hardin county kentucky horticulture Posted 6 months ago

Red belly snake

I have seen a red belly snake with gray or dark back just outside Elizabethtown KY. It was about two feet long and about one inch in diameter. Is this snake poison? If I have sent this to the wrong address please forward it to the correct address. Thanks

Hardin County Kentucky snake identification hardin county kentucky Posted 8 months ago


The flowers on my zuchinni keep falling off with no fruit showing

Hardin County Kentucky hardin county kentucky horticulture zuchinni problem Posted 8 months ago

Weird tree bark

Hello, We've got an October Morning Glory that was transplanted to our house 3 years ago and has done well so far. It's about 15-20 feet tall, but i just recently noticed this weird bark area on the side where it almost looks as if it burst open and then it looks like under the bark there is some strange snaking / twisting thing (is it part of the tree or something foreign ?). Any idea on what this is and how bad it is? Also what to do? Thanks

Hardin County Kentucky tree health hardin county kentucky horticulture Posted 9 months ago