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Monk sugar in canning

Do you think Monk sugar would work in canning? Or is it also not heat stable.
I tried canning peaches without sugar and we did not like it.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 28 days ago

Can you substitute active dry yeast with brewers yeast?

Hello, due to the current situation I am unable to find active dry yeast for baking and was wondering if I could substitute with brewers yeast. I would be primarily using it for baking bread and if able to do so, what is the formula to be used and how would the substitution affect the end product. I also have to contend with baking in high altitude. Live in an area 6200 feet above sea level.

Thank you for your help.--Maar

San Bernardino County CA Posted 3 months ago

Re-Canning tomatoes

We were able to buy diced tomatoes in one gallon cans. They are too large for us to use at one time. Can we open the gallon cans and then fill smaller mason jars and water bath them safely? This would allow us to use the amount we need and save the rest, Thanks

Riverside County CA Posted 3 months ago

True Lime

Is it safe to use "True Lime" in place of lemon, when canning?

Nome Census Area AK Posted 7 months ago

Canning salsa fresh lemon juice vs. bottled Asked October 10, 2017, 11:55 AM EDT

Hello- In regards to your response to the above-mentioned question wherein you indicated that they should open and boil their sauce canned with fresh lemon juice.- I have just literally finished a batch of tomato sauce and have used fresh lemon juice (it is still hot) which I understand is too low in acidity to properly preserve the sauce. At this time while newly canned can I just cool the jars overnight and put them directly into the freezer without having to boil them again for the recommended 10 minutes as indicated in your original response? I wasn’t sure if time was a factor and that is why the individual had to reboil their sauce or simply the fact that they had used fresh lemon.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 10 months ago

Pressure Cooker

During process of string beans, the pressure cooker overring did not seal. Therefore, the beans did not process for the correct amount of time but they did seal. So, my question is are the beans safe to eat? (The beans did not process under pressure they boiled for 15 minutes).

Waldo County Maine Posted 11 months ago

this doesn't make sense

When canning without sugar, use high quality fruit. Overripe fruit will soften excessively. Take special care to follow steps that prevent darkening of light-colored fruit. Several treatments may be used to prevent or retard darkening. One is to coat the fruit as it is cut with a solution of 1 teaspoon (3 g) crystalline ascorbic acid or 3,000 mg crushed vitamin C tablets per cup of water. Another is to drop the cut pieces in a solution of water and ascorbic acid, citric acid or lemon juice. Use 1 teaspoon (3,000 mg) ascorbic acid, 1 teaspoon citric acid or 3/4 cup lemon juice to 1 gallon water. the same amount of ascorbic acid works with 1 cup, or 1 gallon of water?

Waukesha County Wisconsin Posted about 1 year ago

Canning pares

I'm looking for recipes for canning pares with something like Stevia. Thank you for your help

San Bernardino County California Posted over 1 year ago

Pineapple/orange juice

Can you can a 50/50 mix of pineapple/orange juice. Is it good for one year?

Cameron County Texas Posted over 1 year ago

Pickled beet juice

Besides pickled eggs what else can pickled beet juice from a jar be used for?

Schuylkill County Pennsylvania Posted over 1 year ago