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To clarify my question; unable to edit

I live in a 70-year-old house and am in the process of remodeling. I had a bat enter my living quarters and fly around on two occasions. I believe it was the same bat because the first time it was caught and released into the wild, and the second time it was sent to be tested for rabies. It tested negative. Could I speak with you by phone, please. I believe the problem might be rats living in the dirt portion of my basement. I base that belief on the fact that I had a mouse infestation in my kitchen cabinets in the early spring. I thought that problem was taken care of since all points where they could enter the house were closed by using Great Stuff. The dirt portion of the basement is not accessible to humans because of a concrete wall. There are loud thumping noises in the night which makes me believe it is rats. I have heard them in the walls of the living room which is located over the dirt portion. I would deeply appreciate any advice. My phone number is 336-469-7167.

Wilkes County NC urban integrated pest management wildlife Posted almost 3 years ago

Is a bat box necessary?

I am a 72-year-old widow. I am "scared to death" of bats. They are living in the basement of my house. One came into the living room on two separate occasions and flew all over my living quarters. It was caught by men experienced and released into the wild only to return. I cannot get a good night's sleep for wondering if one will find its way in again. I have business files stored in my basement and am afraid to go there to access them. I have done lots of reading and realize that 1 out of 100 carry rabies. If you can give me any advice I would really appreciate it. I have been in touch with animal control and the public health department. They have helped, but the problem is not solved. I live in Wilkes County in the foothills of North Carolina. My email address

Wilkes County NC bats wildlife management bats in the house Posted almost 3 years ago

establishing my microclover lawn

I planted a microclover lawn in late sept. It is coming op nicely now with the exception of some weeds and grasses. I am told That I can get herbicides that will be grass and weed selective and not harm the clover. Is this true ? If so should I apply them now or wait until spring ? How will the microclover hold up during the summer heat ? Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated'

Thank You,

Marion County FL lawns and turf microclover Posted over 3 years ago

Identifying a Kissing bug or Triatominae

Last night my girlfriend found an insect we believe to be a Kissing bug or assassin bug on our window sill. She had read about them before and after a little more research she captured it and placed it in a container and sanitized the area. She took a picture of it and I'm going to attach it to the email. Should we be worried? We read it is an invasive species that's known to carry Chagas. Is there somewhere we should take it for identification or further study?

Dakota County MN entomology insect identification Posted almost 4 years ago

beetle discovered 6.19.2016

This beetle was observed on a concrete walkway in Amado AZ on a 110 deg day June 19, 2016
It was approximate 1" to 1 1/2" in length

Pima County AZ insect identification beetle Posted about 4 years ago

Bed bug or carpet beetle?!?

Help! Is this a bed bug or a carpet beettle? I just found this on my flannel sheets. I inspected the rest of the bed, and it was the only one.

York County Pennsylvania insect identification carpet beetles insect or spider id Posted over 4 years ago

Help?? Stupid Spot like Insect!!!! Nuisence!!!!!

Ok so we have this infestation, this bug has been bothering us since we have shifted here. This is the best pic i could take considering it is literally like a spec of dust or a small brown spot. HELP, ANYONE?

Outside United States insect identification Posted over 4 years ago

What kind of bug is this?

I have seen two of these bugs, one in the picture was dead that I had found wrapped up in my furry blanket, and there was a second one beforehand that was alive (but I had killed with one of my old books) I'm really paranoid that these are bed bugs, but I haven't gotten any bite marks, nor am I itchy :(

Outside United States insect identification Posted over 4 years ago

What is this please

Found in UK house is it a false widow

Outside United States spiders insect identification Posted almost 5 years ago

What is this cute insect?

This was taken sitting on my hand, and the photo is a bit out of focus. Very sorry. A few of these insects run around the leaves of my okra plants. I have never seen them before this year. They don't seem to cause any damage, so I am hoping that they are eating mites or such... Can someone name this? Larry S.

Outside United States entomology insect identification Posted almost 5 years ago