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Cherry blossom tree dry trunk

Hi my cherry tree seems to have a lot of dry branches, now it's also covered by ants and it had poor blossom this there anything I can do?

Outside United States Posted 3 months ago

Weeping cherry tree

Our weeping cherry tree never grew leaves this spring but now it has a bush of its leaves growing around the trunk. Do we cut down the trunk and allow the bush to grow?

Dodge County Wisconsin Posted 4 months ago

Dusty then darkening black lilac lead at the tip of the branches roots are not wet

  • Leaves look dusty then brown spots sometimes green spots then blackening and curling on two out of the three of my lilac plants that are not next to each other then darkening black lilac lead at the tip of the branches roots are not In fact one of the plants did have wet roots so maybe that’s all this iswet

Orange County North Carolina Posted about 1 year ago

Is my Weeping cherry tree dying?

My tree is 4 years old. It bloomed fine in the spring/had beautiful flowers and then it leafed out but the past 2-3 weeks we’ve noticed curling leaves and rusty splotches on it and the tree just looks limp. Most of the leaves were curled, dry/spotted, so I stripped all of them off today and noticed two areas on the trunk that were leaking gummy material.

Spartanburg County South Carolina Posted over 1 year ago

What is killing these plants?

These plants have been slowly dying off over the last year or two. They thrived for many years in this spot prior to starting to die. I don’t see evidence of insects, but maybe I don’t know what to look for.

Orange County North Carolina Posted over 2 years ago

Japanese Stilt Grass

I want to spray the Japanese stilt grass on my wooded half acre property. I primarily will be spraying he woods. Its a big job so I'm trying to make room on my calendar. When does the grass typically come in? When is a good time early in the season to spray? What spray is recommended? From What I've read the recommendation is spraying for five years due to the life of the seeds. Thank you in advance Heather Ebert

Durham County North Carolina horticulture weed management Posted over 2 years ago

20'+ dense and tall tree screen, perhaps native variety for successful growth?

We have developers in our neighborhood, with no regard to the character of our neighborhood, built two mac-mansions on .5 acre lot nextdoor. Each house is built to the setback line, and as tall as possible. There is a discussion in our neighborhood as to the tree screen that could grow successfully as a tree screen. Our screen will be placed along a slightly sloping down property line, each faces south. Leyland Cypress was strongly suggested. However: I planted a screen of about 8 Leyland Cypress for a privacy screen at the top of the hill behind my house 14 years ago, and though they grew quickly as promised, they have been a disappointment over time. They are not drought resistant, and now sections of them are turning brown--probably due to a canker or needle blight problem. Turns out, they are not as disease resistant as I thought, and this is the second time I have had a problem with sections turning brown. I am not an expert in trees, but I would try for a native tree or large bush--maybe wax myrtle. Don't we still have a County Extension Agent who could help with this, or maybe someone at NC State Extension Service? Please let us all know what you decide to do. I may have to take down my Leyland Cypress in the end and start over, and I would like to know the answer to this question also. Thank you very much!

Orange County North Carolina Posted over 2 years ago

Camelia Problem

I have 2 camelias in my yard. They were both transplanted a year and half ago from a shady spot so they could get more sun. They were doing okay in the shad, but not growing much. they had a few flowers each winter, but not much. So now they are in a place they get more sun. Not full all day as I live in a heavily forested lot with a few spots of sun. One of the bushes is hanging in there, but not thriving. The other is swindling. loosing leafs,. I've watered regularly and fertilized 2 times - spring and fall. Is there something I can do to save and enhance their lives? Thanks! Carol Stanton

Orange County North Carolina Posted over 2 years ago

If/when to apply weed and feed

When should I apply weed and feed to a creeping red fescue lawn in Orange County? I tried to establish a red fescue lawn last fall because my back yard doesn’t get much sun, but it has come in rather spotty and has weeds growing in it now.

Orange County North Carolina Posted over 2 years ago

Safety of making "black garlic"

Hello, I would like to know if there is any health risk of the growth of Clostridium botulinum during the home manufacture of "black garlic"? In case you are not familiar with black garlic, it is an oxidation of garlic in a warm, humid environment for several weeks. The home method I was looking into was to wrap whole heads of garlic in parchment paper and then plastic wrap to prevent them from drying out and to incubate them in a rice cooker on the "warm setting (~140F?) for a few weeks. I know that garlic has been implicated in food-borne botulism cases and I was concerned if this home process makes the garlic "age" in an anaerobic environment that would encourage or permit the grown of C. botulinum? I know the spores and toxics can survive at that temperature, but is ~140F permissive for the growth of C. botulinum to be able to create botulism toxin? Commercially this is done in large heated and humidified rooms that I believe are aerobic. So is this production method safe? If its not safe would you recommend another home-method to make black garlic that isn't prohibitively expensive (e.g. buying/making an incubator)? Thanks! Matt

Orange County North Carolina Posted almost 3 years ago