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We call them Pearl Bugs in NC

My name is Samantha Hewett my lawn has these everywhere. They have killed all of my St.Augustine grass. What to do when you are infested by these and Dollar Weeds?
Thank you!

New Hanover County North Carolina Posted 2 months ago

Refrigerator pickle recipes

Can "refrigerator " recipes be used for products I want to can instead? I have found recipes I prefer to use but wasn't sure if there was some reason why they may not work if canned.

New Hanover County North Carolina food safety food preservation pickles Posted about 2 years ago

Can you identify this?

Our family has been struggling for 3 years with what once we were told was scabies (although never identified)...then potentially bird mite. The people who are bothered the most (myself, my daughter and our dogs) are here all the time. I wash linens daily we’ve been treated for scabies several times. It’s ruined my health, my marriage, my career. Please help! Thank you!

New Hanover County North Carolina bird mites pest identification scabies possible bird mites Posted over 2 years ago