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A Bent Pine Tree

Is it too late to fix my Leland pine tree? After overcoming resistance from my wife I cut off the lower limbs of our pine tree and it revealed the base was growing closer to horizontal than vertical. I straitened the tree so the top of the trunk is vertical. Should I instead try to get the lower trunk to be vertical which would then make the top of the tree look like it is not vertical? Would that give the tree a better chance of growing correctly?

The tree trunk is about 4 inches thick directly below and above the bend area. The tree is about 10 feet tall and Iis supposed to grow to about 30-40 feet tall. Am I better off removing this tree and planting a new one or can this tree be saved with reasonable growth expectations?

Mecklenburg County NC Posted 10 months ago

solitary bees in Charlotte

Our entire lawn is being taken over by solitary "bees" which emerge from clay holes (which look like ant holes) in late March. They keep multiplying and are now in the backyard as well. They do not sting, but swarm low to the ground. We want to get rid of them but do not want to harm the birds and beneficial insects. HELP!! Thanks for your advice!

Mecklenburg County NC insect issues insect management bees horticulture Posted almost 8 years ago

Soil Testing?

Good afternoon! The plant manager at my work (a steel distribution warehouse) has given me permission to use any land behind the building as growing area since it gets great sun and my balcony does not. I'm concerned, though, about the soil back there and whether or not it would be safe to grow vegetables in. It was suggested to me that I could contact the cooperative extension to find out where I could send it to have it tested for toxins, pH, etc. Can someone help me with that? Thanks so much!! Alyssa

Mecklenburg County NC horticulture soil and fertility issues Posted almost 8 years ago