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I have battling grubs and moles all summer and I wanted to know what pesticide is good to use based on time of year. If I get rid of grubs will that get rid of moles?

Johnston County NC Posted 11 months ago

Calculating size of water tanks needed for livestock and barn

We are trying to calculate the size of water tanks we will need for supplying a barn and watering for a horse, I CAL, a couple of sheep, a few goats, and a couple of pigs. The barn amenities would include a horse wash that would be used infrequently, and personal use such as washing hands and using a toilet. Is there a way to calculate how much water storage we should use? We will be supplying this with a 16 gallon a minute well that has a large reserve.

Jackson County OR irrigation and water management livestock Posted about 2 years ago

Can anyone tell whats happening to my elephant palm?

This plant has been an indoor plant and was doing well until recently. I'm concerned that a bad ventillation system (with suspected mildew) is to blame?

Johnston County NC houseplants horticulture Posted about 3 years ago

melon Ripening

I have a melon that has started to ripen and it was separated from the stem before fully ripe. Will it continue to ripen on the ground or should I handle it differently and bring it in or put in a bag to continue the process?

Plymouth County MA fruits and vegetables gardening Posted almost 4 years ago

Can't identify

Received this for mother's day from my daughter as a mystery seedling.

Stokes County NC plant identification horticulture Posted almost 4 years ago

Shriveled hostas

A rainy spring usually brings my hostas back looking green and beautiful. They started out that way, but are currently all yellowed and shriveled except for those under some lilac bushes. Can I save them?
They are about 25 years old, but looked great until this year.

Thank you!

Lake County Illinois gardening Posted about 4 years ago

Watermelons that will not ripen!

I planted Black Diamond watermelons the middle of May. Now it is the first part of October and the vines are dying. I checked the watermelons and they are still not ripe! Size is good. What could possible be wrong? This has been going on for several years but I keep trying.


Page County Iowa fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture Posted over 4 years ago

Pomegranate juice

Why is pomegranate juice so expensive?

Delaware human nutrition pomegranate family and consumer sciences consumer economics jlk Posted almost 5 years ago


Are Texas bluebonnets poisonous to livestock - cattle, horses, goats, etc?

Fulton County New York livestock Posted almost 7 years ago

Changing zone guides

I live in Murrells Inlet, SC and for a decade or so have had trouble with any zone 8 plant thriving due to the heat. So now I only buy plants that are zone 9 or 10. With our temps going up, don't you think that the zone guides need to be adjusted?

Horry County South Carolina horticulture Posted about 7 years ago