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Vegetable garden

Can I place landscape fabric over weeds in existing plant beds and top with soil deep enough to plant vegetables? I know I would have to make holes in the fabric for drainage but as the garden will be for just one season I was hoping this would save some back breaks labor. Thanks for your response. I neglected to mention that the plant beds are raised 4 by 6 beds.

Guilford County NC Posted about 1 month ago

feeding you plants

All my plants have started producing. I currently am using a seaweed and fish fertilizer plus compost tea.
I concerned I'm not giving them enough nutrition. Any suggestions on how I can make improvements .
Joe Losito

Guilford County NC Posted almost 2 years ago

Why is my cornstalk plant turning brown?

My cornstalk plant is turning brown. The stalk is getting limp and leans. What do I need to do?

Guilford County NC lrk cornstalk plant horticulture Posted over 5 years ago

Writing question: stop aging

Hi there. I'm a writer, and I'm in the middle of working on a project where a Peter Pan-like figure stops aging/growing up, and then starts aging again a little while later. My question is this: how can I show that the person is aging again after just a couple days? There aren't any in-universe pieces of technology I can use to determine it, so is there a purely observational way to do it? For context, the character is a 17 year old girl if that helps. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Guilford County NC aging Posted over 5 years ago